Statement On World Press Freedom Day

  • MISA-Zambia president Hellen

    May 3, 2019

    Zambian DNA joins the rest of the world in cerebrating this year’s World Press Freedom Day which is commemorated under the theme, ‘Media for democracy: Journalism and elections in times of disinformation.’

    We strongly believe in the freedom of the media as it plays a critical role in informing, educating and entertaining the nation to enable citizens make informed decisions.

    However, whilst we fully support the freedom of the media, we have noted with concern how the media freedom has been grossly abused.

    Further, whilst the isolated incidents of attacks on the media outlets are regrettable, the attacks are targeted at the uncouth mouthed newsmakers the said media outlets host.

    Nevertheless, these isolated incidents of attacks on the media outlets does not define the current media landscape in Zambia where there are more private-owned media outlets operating freely.

    Indeed, it’s worth noting that it is under the PF government that various media outlets operate freely than any other government.

    But the irresponsible media outlets should not be disguised as courageous and principled journalism that is coupled with newsmakers who habitually abuse the freedom of expression and the media.

    Whilst public media outlets strive to be truthful, factual, objective and fair in their news coverage, some private –owned media outlets have grossly abused their space or platform by pouring scorn, ridicule and contempt on Government officials.

    However, we expect both the public and private media outlets to be professional in their conduct.

    Further, we need a responsible media in Zambia that is conscious of their social obligation to the society they serve, and not an irresponsible media that would disrupt peace and set the country ablaze.

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