Statement On UPND MPs Who Have Shunned The National Dialogue Forum

UPND members of parliament leave the House after Speaker announced their 30 days suspension

May 6, 2019

The United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament (MPs) have betrayed their electorate in their respective constituencies for shunning the National Dialogue Forum (NDF).

As a matter of fact, MPs are elected to represent their respective constituencies in Parliament and at other national fora.

However, UPND MPs’ decision to shun the NDF is not only an act of betrayal of the voters, a partisan stance, but also a move meant to satisfy their selfish agenda.

Zambian DNA has also noted that UPND MPs habitually shun national events as a way of showing allegiance to their Party leader.

Further, we are appalled by UPND leader’s usual stance to stop his MPs from engaging Government to lobby for developmental projects in their respective constituencies.

We advise UPND MPs to realize that they are elected to represent the people in their respective constituencies, and not their Party leader.

Nevertheless, we once again commend those UPND MPs who are currently attending the NDF proceedings.

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