Men Jailed Over Fake HIV Drugs

Men Jailed Over Fake HIV Drugs

Kapiri-Mposhi Magistrate Brenda Chiganda has sentenced two men to two years simple imprisonment for selling medicines purported to cure some illnesses including HIV and cancer.

This is after the duo failed to pay a fine of ten thousand Kwacha.

In sentencing the two men, Magistrate Chiganda said the duo sold medicines whose safety, efficacy and quality were not ascertained by competent authorities.

In mitigation Derrick Chilufya owner of Potopar Natural Medicines claimed that he followed procedures outlined by the Zambia Medicines Regulation Authority-ZAMRA.

He told the court that he’s a family man with 3 children and was looking after his Mother who is a widow and his siblings.

However, the court said it took into consideration the fact that he was a first offender but that he was dealing with medical substances which have side effects if wrongly administered.

The two men were nabbed after an operation by officers from the Zambia Medicines Regulation Authority-ZAMRA- which was carried out in Kapiri Mposhi.