Statement On Govt’s Move To Slash School Fees

Zambian DNA commends Government for slashing fees in both public secondary schools and Colleges of Education as many citizens would access education.

The Ministry of Education ‘s recently announced reduction of user fees by over 65 percent is a signal of a caring Government that seeks to have many Zambians access quality education.

Indeed, high fees in public schools has over the years prohibited many parents from sending their children to school.

However, we expect that Government‘s decision to slash school fees would not be politicized as it is meant to improve the Zambian people’s welfare, and not to gain a political mileage.

More so, the reduced fees would enable both parents and guardians afford to pay school fees for their children.

We urge the Zambian people to support President Edgar Lungu and his Government as they deliver an all-inclusive developmental agenda that leaves no-one behind.

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