Airtel Zambia Seals Fraud Loopholes

Airtel Zambia Seals Fraud Loopholes

AIRTEL Money has introduced Third Party Deposits confirmation service aimed at curbing fraud and sending money to unintended recipients.

Marketing Director James Chona said the new feature would ensure transparency and secure customers’ money during transactions.

He said customers sending money using agents would now be able to receive SMS notifications as confirmation of deposits.

Mr Chona announced the development in Lusaka yesterday. He explained that in the new feature, recipients of money would also receive the depositor’s details on the notification message instead of the agent details.

“This revolutionary service which is only available on Airtel Money is aimed at giving depositors and recipient’s immediate notifications on all third party deposits,” He said

“What this entails, is that instead of the customer wondering whether the money has been sent or not, they will have sms notification of where their money has been sent to while the receiver will also get a message informing them that they have received money and where it is from,” Mr Chona said.