Prophet Mesala’s Prophecy Confirmed As Nollywood Actor Dies

Prophet Mesala’s Prophecy Confirmed As Nollywood Actor Dies

According to the report Mr Henry, a Nollywood movie director and a cinematographer reported died in a motor accident while returning home from clubbing. And according to reports another actor by the name Ahoh Chris is reported dead, it has put fear in the industry.

Zambian controversial Prophet Shepherd Mesala warnned the Nigerian industry Nollywood to seek the presence of God , before they lose so many actors.

Prophet Shepherd Mesala a well known Zambian accurate prophet with instant healing gave a prophecy, warning the nollywood industry before they even started losing actors .

Prophet Mesala son of Prophet Uebert Angel , he reviewed the mystery behind the death of the actors .

“Nollywood industry needs to seek God before they lose more actors throught death , alot of actors in the nollywood industry are using magic powers (african juju) for them to be fame and this will result in killing other actors as a sacrifice ,” said prophet mesala .

” If the industry will not seek God many actors will be lost through death because this year its a year of human sacrifice in the nigerian industry “. Warnned prophet mesala.

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