Renowned Zambian Super Model Alice Rowland’s Musukwa Advises Facebook Socialite Anita

Renowned Zambian Super Model Alice Rowland’s Musukwa Advises Facebook Socialite Anita

Ukulinganya ama puli nabakalamba kulaponwesha, Anita Needs to be strong and face reality.

Welcome to Zambia were a lots of comments and shares will make u feel Famous, will take u to dream land and think u are now a celebrity, Welcome to Zambia were good work, hard work, positive activity is boring to share and comment on,yet nudes and any sort of Bad publicity will make u feel famous yet common.

I have seen a lot of comments and most are confusing but the one that really Caught my attention was the one from Miss Cooper, her so called Manager, calling Anita a Celebrity. My Question is Do we even understand who a Celebrity is ?
Do we even understand the entertainment industry better to be brave enough to stand the pressure once shit hits the Fan and people that comment and share turn against us and call us a Disgrace.

Most people say good or bad publicity is good Publicity anyway, my Question is what publicity are u trying to gain?
God doesn’t give u well baked opportunity he gives u a recipe to bake your own cake how u decide to bake it, is your choice. My point here is , Anita God gave u the courage to come up with videos that got u to the public eye, u were suppose to use it to your advantage positively and not use that as a high way to fame.

Young Women today are being mislead by how powerful Social media is and it’s very scary to see most young women trying to use it as a way to get to the top or get famous, Keeping a Name going and maintaining Public eye is not baby game don’t try it, just so u can be known for wrong reasons.
There is a popularly Proverb in Bemba that most over look because it comes out funny but it’s very true.
Ukulinganya ama puli nabakalamba kulaponwesha, don’t try to be who u are not, just like I tell every model there is only one Naomi Campbell, the rest of us will only look upto her and work hard to maintain our names and not break a bone to be like her.
There is only one Kim that did Porn and made money out of it the rest will only shake your ground.

We all have blamed Anita but have we thought deeply what made her feel she needed to keep her name going, she needed more attention, it’s Us Zambians, we are good at entertaining Rubbish, we Make unnecessary people feel Necessary , we have too much time to hit Share bottom and comment.

To a young Woman out there, don’t feel the pressure of not being known Sweetheart high way to Fame will only leave you heartbroken, there is a thin line between being famous and being Common.
Celebrities have worked really hard to get to the top and some were born to be one. Let’s all stay in our lanes and be each other’s keeper.
Stay blessed.