Statement On HH’s Double Standards On The Judiciary

May 29, 2019

Zambian DNA has noted that the Court’s decision on Sesheke election petition proves that the judiciary is independent from the executive arm of Government.

It’s unfortunate that UPND‘s Hakainde Hichilema often attacks the judiciary whenever the Courts do not rule in his Party‘s favour.

The UPND leader has this time around exhibited his usual double standards of flip-flop tactics by praising the Court’s decision on account of the Court upholding the election of his Sesheke Member of Parliament.

But Hichilema has up to now not accepted that he lost the 2016 election to President Edgar Lungu as he often accuses judges for dismissing his election petition of being PF cadres.

Is Hichilema telling Zambians that the judge who ruled the Sesheke election petition case in favour of his Party   a ‘UPND cadre’?

However, we expect the opposition leader to be consistent in respecting the Courts’ decisions even when they rule against his Party.

We expect Hichilema, other political party leaders and every Zambian citizen to respect the Courts’ decisions as they dispense justice for everyone regardless of their status in society, political and religious affiliation.

As for Hichilema’s assertions that UPND‘s victory in Sesheke parliamentary by-election is the reflection of Zambians’ will for regime change, is day-dreaming as the opposition party has lost more than 90 percent of the recently held by-elections,including Kafue,Chilanga,Mangango,Bahatiand other local government by-elections.

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