Maid Who Was Caught On CCTV Searching Her Boss’ Handbag Jailed 3-Years


The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a sticky-fingered 25-year-old maid to three years imprisonment for stealing from her employer.

Helen Kandele of Lusaka is said to have between January 1 and March 22, 2019 stolen a phone and a sum of money amounting to K10,000 from her employer Yvette Mukwiza.

Facts of the matter are that on a material day, Mukwiza of house number L85 military camp employed kandele as her maid and placed her on a monthly salary.

Following her employment the Kandele was given spare keys to grant her access to the house when Mukwiza was away.

Months later Mukwiza noticed that money and other items started to vanish from the house.

When Mukwiza asked her maid about the missing money and items, the response only aroused suspicion.

On March 22 the complainant left a Samsung charger on her bed and locked the door to her bedroom before heading out for work.

On her return, Mukwiza found the charger had gone missing.

Tired of losing her belongings, Mukwizs decided to confirm her suspicions by installing secret cameras and lay a trap for Kandele.

Upon installing the cameras, Mukwiza left the house telling Kandele that she had gone to buy mobile phone credit.

20 minutes later, Mukwiza returned home and viewed the footage of the secret camera and true to her suspicions, Kandele had been captured searching her handbag.

Mukwiza decided to report the matter to the police to after which Kandele was arrested.

Under warn and caution the Kandele admitted stealing property worth K10,000.

In her mitigation, Kandele pleaded with Magistrate Nsunge chanda not to send her to prison saying that she had three children and feared that they would suffer if she was sent to jail.

She also pleaded for mercy saying she was a tuberculosis patient.

However the court said the the “convict’s children are better off without a mother.”

Magistrate Nsunge then sentenced Kandele yo three years imprisonment.