Statement On Govt’s Recently Announced Austerity Measures

May 30, 2019

Zambian DNA commends Government for the recently announced austerity measures meant to prudently manage the country’s meagre resources and stabilize the economy.

Indeed, President Lungu has demonstrated the political will in tackling head- on the country’s economic woes.

The austerity measures, which include reduced government spending, and procurement of goods and services only when the funds are available is good for stimulating economic growth and improving the Zambians’ welfare.

However, we expect those charged with responsibility of managing the national treasury and coffers to adhere to the austerity measures, and every patriotic Zambian to support Government as they mean well for the country.

More so, Zambia is among many other countries in the world, including the world’s biggest economies, which are grappling with economic woes, but making strides in tackling the current problems.

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