PROFILE: Meet Hot Zambian Super Model Alice Musukwa

PROFILE: Meet Hot Zambian Super Model Alice Musukwa

My Name is Alice Rowland’s Musukwa, I was orphaned before 15years Old, I leant how to look after myself before I could even see little balls on my chest.
I have Sold ice blocks, I have sold Sugar canes, I have worked as a shop keeper and I have worked as a waitress so I could survive, I have slept on an empty stomach but still smile around people, I have once been homeless, I have been disappointed, Rejected and Hurt, My Scares are the result of who I am today.
Dear Society
I cried to change me but the truth is, my backbone is my Authority and I will never change the fact that my presence makes you uncomfortable, it’s not my fault you see the Need to hurt, disrespect, embarrass and fight me, you have not yet discovered your Authority, (strength) the moment u do, u will learn to accept that, your time will come if u listen more than you act, if you get off your high horse and learn, if you accept the defeat and learn through it, if you Stop competing and pay attention to your growth, self awareness is important because it makes u brave enough to Change your attitude towards the World.

Alice Musukwa

Dear Society, No Matter how many times you feel the need to disRespect and Hurt someone for your own happiness and bitterness, they will still shine and still be better than you as long you don’t change your attitude, Your hypothesis towards Other people will only see you lost.
Dear Society, Living a Life that is not yours will only see you Lost, Most have paid enough to have you see them were u want, Understand it’s your attitude that has seen u lost or stuck in one place, as long you fight to see others Down u will be stuck in bitterness.

My Name is Alice Rowland’s Musukwa, Some people think am arrogant but the truth is there is a thin line between being Arrogant and knowing who u are. I Know myself please discover who u are and stop moving around Bitter and heartbroken, expecting people to live on your expectations.

No Matter How Many Times you try to break me, Disrespect me, No Matter how many people u Recruit to Fight me, u will still see me bounce back even stronger because i have endured pain enough To break me already.

Alice Musukwa
Move on Society, Move On, Stop competing with already made people you will only See yourself lost and disappointed, No one knows u better than the voice that speaks to you when u are alone and looking at how best and well people that are humble, are doing.
Check your attitude and you will find answers.