Statement On Why PF Will Win The 2021 Polls

June 4, 2019


Zambian DNA has noted that despite the country grappling with economic woes the ruling PF will retain power in 2021.

It’s obvious that PF will win the 2021 polls as the ruling Party enjoys massive countrywide support than the opposition political parties.

So, even if the opposition political parties formed an alliance they will still lose elections in 2021.

In fact, many opposition political parties in Zambia have nothing to offer except insults, vulgar language, peddling falsehoods against the Republican President and other Government officials, pouring scorn and hate-speech.

Whilst the country is facing many economic challenges, the PF Government has rolled out a robust infrastructure development in various parts of the country, and is making strides in tackling economic challenges head on.

Given these facts, the PF remains the preferred Party of choice for the majority Zambians in all the ten Provinces.

More so, it’s the intra-party democracy, and sound policies meant to improve the Zambians’ welfare that has triggered the influx of those who left the party to rejoin the PF.

We are appealing to those who are still dilly-dallying in the opposition camp to crossover and be part of the country’s revolution for a better Zambia.

We urge Zambians to support President Edgar Lungu as he strives to resuscitate the economy, and transform the country through the robust infrastructure development agenda that leaves no-one behind.

 Issued by:


Spuki Mulemwa