Statement On The Financial Intelligence Centre(FIC) Latest Report

June 6, 2019

President Edgar Lungu is spot on to suggest that the law governing Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) should be revisited to halt malicious speculations.

Indeed, it is unfortunate that some section of society are using the recently released FIC report indicating that colossal sums of money was lost via illicit transactions to accuse Government officials of alleged involvement in corruption activities when in fact the report does not point at any one.

Further, we find some disgruntled elements and the so-called human rights activists morally bankrupt for calling upon the Republican President to step down on grounds of unfounded allegations of corruption contained in the report.

In our view, the FIC abused their oversight mandate by releasing the said report to the public instead of submitting it to the relevant authorities such as Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Police.

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