Luanshya Mayor Impressed With CNMC- LCM Partnership

Luanshya Mayor Impressed With CNMC- LCM Partnership

Luanshya Municipal Council has partnered with China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Luanshya Copper Mines (CNMC- LCM) to complete the construction of a police station in Roan Township.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda stated that the construction works which he began when he was a councillor in Lumumba ward section 6A of Roan Township were put on hold due to financial constraints.
Mr Chanda expressed gratitude stating that he was impressed with Luanshya Copper Mines decision to come on board and finish the stalled works.

He said police officers in the area were currently operating in a temporary shelter at Roan Market and hence completing the works would provide them a permanent place to effectively carry out their duties.

Mr Chanda further encouraged various private companies to consider partnering with the local authority in order to enhance service delivery and promote local economic development in Luanshya district.

He said it is encouraging to see the council partner with various stakeholders like Luanshya Copper Mines through their Corporate Social Responsibility and have such developmental projects running as it would enhance service delivery to the local people.
Speaking during a visit to the construction site, Mr Chanda said the police station would not only benefit people in nearby areas but would also be of help to the private sector including CLM as they equally need security for their workers, property, goods and services.

The mayor further stated that he was keen to work with the private sector in a quest to improve the livelihood of the residents of Luanshya and encouraged other organisations to emulate Luanshya Copper Mines.

Mr Chanda added that he is currently trying to engage other private companies like Power tools, Antelope Milling and Goldenlay to come on board and assist in the construction of an ablution block at fisenge Bus station.

Meanwhile CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines Chief Executive Officer, Mr Wang Jingjun said that the mine would take over the remaining works and see to it that the police station was completed.

Mr Wang said that once the work designs were collected from the council, a contractor would be engaged to have a site visit before the actual work commenced.

The Luanshya Mayor and CLM CEO later visited the mine’s Clinic 5 which is under rehabilitation. Meanwhile CLM head of public relations Sydney Chileya said the clinic would be operational in a few weeks time after an inspection was conducted.

Other officials present were Luanshya Municipal Council Civil Engineer Tenson Mfula, Quantity Surveyor Herbert Kamalondo, CLM Public Relations officer Sydney Chileya and other CLM officials.