Party Woman Sent Back To Parents

A woman has earned herself a ticket back to her parents’ home because she cannot disclose where she spent a night without her husband’s knowledge. A local court heard that Justina Chilufya, 21, asked for transport money from her husband under the pretext that she was going to visit her parents when in fact she was going to party with her friends.

Her husband later discovered that she did not spend a night at her parents’ place as she earlier suggested. This was heard in a case in which Chilufya sued her husband Sonwell Sichalwe for reconciliation after being sent away to her parents’ house. The two got married in 2013 and they have one child together. Sichalwe told the court that the biggest problem that he has with his wife is that she likes drinking alcohol. He testified that he tried to complain about his wife’s behaviour to her parents but that she has never changed.

Sichalwe said one day his wife asked for transport money because she wanted to go and visit her parents but that she never went back home that day. He said his wife’s phone was off when he tried to call her. His in-laws later told him that his wife never visited them. “This made me to become suspicious about her whereabouts and when she came back the following day she only told me that she went to her friend’s party and never said anything else,” Sichalwe testified.

He said this prompted him to send her back to her parents’ house and that he will only get her back after she reveals where she spent the night. Chilufya testified before the court that she wanted the court to reconcile them because her husband has failed to forgive her for lying that she was going to her parents’ house. She said she spent the night away at her friend’s party but that her husband has failed to believe her story. Buchi senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya adjourned the case to June 12 this year to give time to the couple to seat down as family