Family Escapes Fire In SA

A ZAMBIAN family of six living in South Africa has escaped death after their house was gutted. The family living in Edenvale East Rand, Gauteng Province, cheated death when the house caught fire that spread from the fireplace in the sitting room. This is according to a statement issued yesterday by first secretary for press and public relations at the Zambia High Commission in Pretoria Naomi Nyawali. Ms Nyawali said owner of the house Ensulo Chinyamuka said the family was going to bed when they noticed fire on the roof.

She said Mr Chinyamuka and his wife, together with their four children, fled the house to wait for fire attendants. He thanked the Edenvale community police network for coming to the aid of the family and the Zambian community for rendering help. Ms Nyawali said acting Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa Maynard Misapa is happy no life was lost in the inferno. M