Let’s Not Sleep Because Elections Are Close, PF Official Urges Members

Let’s Not Sleep Because Elections Are Close, PF Official Urges Members

SINDA Patriotic Front vice chairperson Thomas Mwale has called on party members to be serious in mobilising the party because 2021 is very close. In an interview, Mwale expressed happiness with the leaders elected during provincial elections and that he foresee the party moving to another level which was promising victory in 2021. He advised party members against sleeping because they were in the ruling party.

“The new leadership under Andrew Lubusha will take the party higher in Eastern Province because it is a team which has been chosen by the people. My appeal to my fellow members in PF is let’s not sleep because elections are close as we need to go flat out telling people the truth about what we have done as a party in government, what we intend to do and how it will be done,” he said.

Mwale further said the party could not reform government if it embraces violence as Zambians detest violence. He challenged party leaders to be in the forefront showing seriousness and zeal towards party mobilisation so that the opposition do not find room to lead. He warned against underrating the opposition.

“In fact, we shouldn’t underrate anyone or any party. Let’s not underrate the opposition because it’s possible for one to form government through good or bad actions. So if we pave way for opposition to get into people’s hearts then we are out. All we need to do as leaders and every member is to commit ourselves seriously to the progression of the party. We know some leaders are weak but I hope they will pull their socks so that Eastern and the country at large continue to depend in the Patriotic Front government,” Mwale said.

He emphasized that a politician was a dangerous person who could capitalise on anything good or bad to form government.

“People can vote for them if we are not careful. Politicians can capitalise and form government even on wrong things but if we stand on truth, the opposition won’t find a gate to challenge the ruling party,” he observed.

When asked about Jay Jay Banda, who won as provincial youth chairperson despite some dented past, Mwale says Banda would be a good leader who would follow the rules and guidelines of the party.