Baby Queen Gruesomely Raped, Killed By Dad Mourned

Baby Queen Gruesomely Raped, Killed By Dad Mourned


Clad in black arm bands and head bands, on June 25th 2019, the Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council(NGOCC) paid its respect to two-day-old baby Queen Kasakula allegedly defiled to death by its heartless father, Christopher Chipulu, 35, of Northern, Zambia.

Mary Mulenga speaks at the event

It was a sad moment at the NGOCC Secretariat in Lusaka as solemn music was played before the proceeding started.
A prayer was said and moment of silence observed for an innocent soul that met its fate before seeing the beauty of sunshine.

NGOCC leaders observe moment of silence

This is the most inhuman and brutal Sexual Gender Based Violence(SGBV) Zambia has ever experienced and it has been associated to ritual sacrifice by concerned citizens.

NGOCC staffer Whitney Mulobela

Facts of the report are that on 13th June 2019 around 19:00 hours, Brenda Kasakula aged 29, of Chibwe village, Chief Mulala of Luposonshi District in Northern Province had gone to bath leaving her three days old baby girl Queen Kasakula sleeping in the house where her husband Chipulu was.


She later heard the baby crying and when she went to check, she found it rapped in a blanket breathing with difficulties. After examining the baby, it was bleeding on the private parts,amblical cord, mouth and nose.

Upon asking the father what had happened to the baby, he expressed ignorance. He later stormed out of the house and ran away before she could alarm people.

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale said the news coming on the day the world commemorated Father’s Day, has once again brought to the foe the depth of Sexual Gender Based Violence(SGBV) in society.
the women’s movement mourned with the family of the three days old baby who lost her life at the hands of the sex maniac too shameful to be called a father.
“We gather this morning to call to mind, the recent killing of a three day old baby Queen who was murdered by are own father through the most gruesome Sexual Gender Based Violence(SGBV) case ever reported. That incident remains a solemn occasion for the women movement and to pay our respect and once again register our disguist at the horrific incident against an innocent soul,” NGOCC Board Chairperson Mary Mulenga mourned.
She said the incident yet again explified the depth and deadly effect of SGBV
Ms Mulenga regretted that baby Queen life was cut short by someone who was supposed to provide love and care, wondering where the girl child would get refuge, if they are not safe in the hands of their parents.
Police have since apprehended the SGBV suspect and he will appear in court soon.

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