CC Cautions The Importations Of Cornflakes

CC Cautions The Importations Of Cornflakes

The United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) President Charles Chanda, is dismayed that government has permitted Pick n Pay and Choppies to continue importing corn flakes as opposed to encouraging local manufacturers to produce the cereal.

Mr Chanda says it is illogical for government to promote importation of foreign product when Zambia has the abundance of maize, the main raw material to produce corn flakes.

He says importing corn flake is merely exporting jobs to foreigners when youths in the country are jobless.

The UPPZ President advised government to consider creating a conducive business environment that will stimulate growth in the manufacturing sector.

He says this is to encourage local production of corn flakes which is simply value addition to maize the country’s main agricultural product.

Mr Chanda adds that maize which is the main raw material in producing corn flakes is grown at nearly every corner in the country hence no need to import corn flakes.

Mr Chanda adds that there is need for the Patriotic Front to exhibit political will and desist from entertaining the importation of a product which can be produced locally.

“It was announced today that government has given some companies to import some foods like cone flakes specifically Pick & Pay and Choppies have been given those permits to import cone flakes. You know this country is going down the drain everyday with all the maize that we have, what is stopping Government from putting its foot down…why inviting investors to produce cone flakes from our own cone here?
…and in our local language, maize is called mataba if you want to make it easier because our politicians are not able to know that cone flakes comes from maize. So, we are saying, this is unacceptable but nevertheless, 2021 is near, we will stop this kind of mediocre way of handling national affairs.

…This is why we cannot create jobs because we are giving business to foreign companies and other nations and as a result our country is lagging,” he said