Stop Using Church Platforms For Easy rallies, CC Cautions Politicians

CC reaching out to the poor

The United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) is concerned about how most politicians in the country are dealing with church participation and attendance as sign of desperation to wow voters in 2021.

The UPPZ leader Charles Chanda has observed that some politicians are currently using church platforms for easy rallies.

Mr Chanda says it is an open secret that every time a politician attends a Church service wants to make it public for everyone to know.

He wonders why politicians are given the puppet to preach when they are spiritually qualified people in some churches who have never been given a platform to preach.

And President Chanda has warned politicians of polluting the church.

He emphasised that a sole purpose to attend church is to worship and praise God.

He says that the Church must remain non-partisan and orderly.

“We must respect God and his house.

It is not the duty of politicians who have no apostolic authority to gather the clergy and direct them on how to preach; which message do they have? This must be the other way round; the church must tell them not to be corrupt, insult each other among other evil ways.

It is therefore our prayer that no brown envelope must accompany clergy from the politicians to bring together the people and preach unity.

And we hope that all politicians will worship in truth and spirit.

May God raise Church leaders that can be like Nathan and point at David to say ‘that is the man’ without fear.” Mr Chanda explained.

Issued by
UPPZ National Spokesperson
Francis Kope