ZANACO Bank Should Stop Stealing From Us

ZANACO Bank Should Stop Stealing From Us

People, Zanaco Bank should stop stealing from us

Look at my conversation with Zanaco Bank Whatsapp Customer service, my money is hanging..

2 weeks ago I forgot my ATM card so I decided to do a cash out of K1,150, after I did a cash out on my phone I received this message

“PRINCE KABALA has sent you K1,150.00. PIN 91__Expires Fri-28-Jun-2019 13:46,REF: 000598427627. Withdraw from any Zanaco ATM or Xpress Agent.”

I decided to go to a Zanaco Xpress Agent at Long Acres, the transaction couldn’t go through she even gave me 2 receipts stating ‘Transaction Failed’ she thought it was network so I decided to go to another agent only to be told that the money has already gone to another account, I decided to go to the first agent, she said no the transaction never went through…

On 30th I decided to go to Fideko Zanaco Branch for verification and I logged in a complaint through a lady by the name of Phyllis, this was around 10hrs and around 13hrs my money reflected back into my account I never made any transaction till next day when I checked and found nothing again in my account again…

On 3rd I decided to go back to the same lady at zanaco bank again she went through my account but she couldn’t rectify what was really happening, until I went to the manager who opened a bank statement, we went through together and my account showed that on 30th it closed in with K1,150, but the same amount never dropped into my account, so the manager decided to reopen the query with case #602217 because with the manager we checked the account balance on my phone it was showing K0 upto now nothing, so today I decided to call 5000 I was told that the money is still reflecting but still hanging so I can’t see it in my account until it drops, this one on whatsapp same thing “its yet to settle”…

Now my question is who is holding it? And How did it get where it can’t be dropped? And who is in charge of dropping it??

Zanaco Bank are thieves, if you are wishing to open an account please change your mind and may the spirit of Pastor Yakobo relocate you elsewhere, otherwise for me I will never let them until they bring back my money, until they let it settle, if its sueing then I will do..

Zanaco ifyabupuba atase!!!

One Response to "ZANACO Bank Should Stop Stealing From Us"

  1. Kafing Ozwald   July 11, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    To steal K1,150 from a customer, a bank that big? I have worked in the financial industry for many years as an IT expert and I have learned that, many times customers funds(especially in banks) are held up on accounts either owing to system malfunction or lack of systems update or a special order is put in place awaiting execution at a specific time for funds to be released. This story, sounds like these guys had system challenges to “drop your cash” and you are simply TERRIBLY MISINFORMED on how IT systems work in banks.