Man In Court For Trespassing At FIC

Man In Court For Trespassing At FIC

A businessman of Kalingalinga Township in Lusaka has admitted trespassing at Financial Intelligent Centre (FIC) offices on a weekend. This is in a matter where John Mwansa, 37, is charged with criminal trespass. It is alleged that on June 22 this year, Mwansa unlawfully entered FIC premises with intent to annoy.

On Tuesday, the matter came up before magistrate Nthandose Chabala and Mwansa admitted the charge. He, however, explained that he was allowed to enter the premises by a security officer, and that he even signed in the visitor’s book. At this point, Magistrate Chabala then entered a not guilty plea and set August 9 as the date for starting trial.

Allegations are that on the material day, Mwansa went to FIC offices in Kabulonga on a Saturday around 09:00 hours. When he arrived, he passed through the security checkpoint, where he was screened and cleared to go through the premises. Mwansa went in the offices where he found a man he told that God had shown him an island which was rich in minerals.

It is alleged that Mwansa told the man that he was looking for people to escort him so that he could show them the location of the island. Mwansa said through the same mineral endowed Island, Zambia would become a rich nation. Meanwhile, United Party for National Development Nalikwanda lawmaker Geoffrey Lungwangwa told the Lusaka High Court how he was physically manhandled and beaten by MMD youths in 2016.

Professor Lungwangwa was testifying in a matter Winnie Zaloumis, in her capacity as acting national secretary for the Nevers Mumba led-MMD, sued Felix Mutati, Mwansa Mbulakulima, Raphael Nakacinda and George Kangwa in the Lusaka High Court. Ms Zaloumis is challenging the legality of the convention that was held in Kabwe, which elected Mr Mutati and others into office.

I n h i s t e s t i m o n y, P r o f Lungwangwa said the attack allegedly happened in full view of the MMD president Dr Mumba during a party national executive committee meeting. But the plaintiff’s lawyer Jeah Madaika questioned the defence witness’ motive in the matter because Prof Lungwangwa is lawmaker under the United Party for National Development.

And Dr Mumba’s former security officer testified that while at the opposition leader’s house in 2016, he was instructed to deny Prof Lungwangwa, party national secretary Raphael Nakachinda and three others, entry to the meeting. Scorpion Kadobi, who was Mumba’s security officer, told the court that he was instructed to block five party members from attending the meeting because they wanted the convention to be held in 2016 and not 2017. The matter was adjourned to September 9 up to 13 this year.