Allegations Of Small Manhood Cost Ex- Lover K3,000

A 52-year-old man of Buchi Township lamented before the Buchi Local Court that he has become a laughingstock of his neighbourhood because of his former lover, who has been telling people that his manhood is as small as a toothpick and a bicycle spoke. J o e M a s u m b u k a w a s testifying in a case in which his former lover Alice Banda, 42, dragged him to court for compensation of insults.

Masumbuka, who denied the allegations testified before the court that Banda is his former lover and that they have a child together. He testified that he lives with his wife and ten children but that he also likes to visit the other child he has with Banda. Masumbuka alleged that his former lover insults him whenever he takes food to his son.

He testified that Banda tells him that he has a small manhood like that of a bicycle spoke and a toothpick, in the presence of her neighbours. “She likes shouting in the neighbourhood that I have a small manhood like that of a toothpick. This makes neighbours to cheer and I have now become a laughingstock in the neighbourhood,” Masumbuka testified. He said the statement made him feel offended that he ended up calling her a prostitute. Masumbuka also alleged that Banda accuses him of being a wizard.

But Banda testified that this was the second time that she was suing Masumbuka for insults. She told the court that Masumbuka was strongly warned by the court to stop insulting her but that his attitude has never changed. Banda complained that Masumbuka tells his neighbours to protect their husbands because she is a husband snatcher.

She complained before the court that she has greatly suffered at the hands of Masumbuka and that she does not want to have anything to do with him. “I no longer want him to support my child. All I want is for him to stop bothering me,” Banda complained. Buchi senior local court magistrate Elita Bwalya upheld the claim and ordered Masumbuka to compensate Banda with K3, 000 in monthly instalments of K250. Magistrate Bwalya also advised Masumbuka to respect himself and stick to his family rather than interfere in the life of his former lover