I have Dated Married Men In The Past But This Is One Unique Man – Says Milly

I have Dated Married Men In The Past But This Is One Unique Man – Says Milly

I see women marrying old men yet still cheat on there spouses,but it’s basically not my problem,I decide who I want to be with like I said age to me does not matter as long as I know he’s a unique man ,yes I fell in love and I fell hard and am not ashamed to say it!!

By the way his past doesn’t bother me please not at all and remember that for I Milly to accept a marriage proposal it took God ,y’all know I’ve always taken care of my family good ,and to those saying he’s with me because of money ala chiwa wabufi!!!

I fell in love with a cocktail 🍹 maestro’
A bar tender u can call it whatever u want and trust me that doesn’t bother me because even if he was a gardener I would have still married him !

Many are the times in life especially my past that I’ve dated married men ,all liars and those were wasted years for me !!!

It doesn’t take 5-6 years for a person to know u want to marry them no!

Destiny is Destiny

A man who acts and is so full of wisdom that whatever he makes he wants to make all of us happy ❤️🥰damn he’s my king and I’ll live to support us !

He’s Handsome damn that every time I think about him I get the shivers I found him single while women flocked to the corner just to have a glympse of my beloved Zambian Van Vicker but to no avail till I walked in and our eyes 👀 locked and since that time we are like fish and water!

Oh yes I love him and God bless you all!

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