Two Police Officers In Court For Robbery

Two Police Officers In Court  For Robbery

TWO police officers and a businessman have been taken to court on allegations of armed robbery after they stole over US$68,000 from an Indian. It is alleged that at the time of the incident, the accused were armed with a pistol. The suspects in this case are Bugster Himuyaba, 32, of Chilanga, Charles Mwanza, 29, of Kamwala South, both police officers, while the businessman is Robson Chungu, 36, of John Howard Township.

It is alleged that on July 6 this year, the three, while armed with a pistol, stole US$68,200 cash from ILyas Patel The accused also threatened to use violence on Mr Patel in an effort to obtain money. Yesterday, the three appeared before Lusaka Chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale for explanation of the charge. After the charge was explained, the magistrate informed the accused that they will not give plea before him because the charge imposed on them is only triable in the High Court.

The accused will continue appearing in the subordinate court until instructions are issued by the Director for Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunyi to commit them to the High Court for trial. They will all remain in police custody since the offence allegedly committed is not bailable.