Open Letter To PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

Open Letter To PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

Dear Mr SG
I want to take this opportunity to address you as your son and as a loyal PF member. As you may know that things are not going too well for us and we’re slowly losing ground as we head closer to 2021. One thing we must do is not to be complacent because we might end up losing in 2021. I’d suggest that the following actions be taken
1. Let us organize provincial party indaba’s were we can come up with mobilization committees, train them how to mobilize and give them the necessary support and resources.

2. As you may know, politics is all about numbers so I suggest we reach out to members of the opposition, invite them to join us and we work together to foster development.

3.Youth empowerment, let us empower our youths with the necessary resources not only monetary form but also empowering them with skills training,cooperatives, farming our youths cannot be living like they’re in the opposition, I’m confident that the new national youth chairman is equal to the task and only needs the necessary support. We must deliver on what we promised the youths they’re the majority voters.

4. Open door policy for your office, my humble appeal is that we learn to accept criticism, not everyone who says something different is against you but trying to help you see things from a different perspective, let us desist from threatening people with expulsions once they say something which you don’t like rather pick one or two things from it and make amends were necessary.

5. Our MP’s need to step up their game, the likes of hon mawere from chipata,hon Kaziya from matero, hon Sichalwe from chawama bare underperforming and need to up their game because crossing the bridge in 2021 will not be as easy as it may look,in my previous write up I talked about bringing the likes of Tom Michelo of the UPND on board,the man is loved by the people everywhere he goes and would easily fit in and kick the ball running same applies with Potpher tembo we can try our best to make him return home were he belongs . Lusaka is a very crucial province and we’ll need a very formidable team for us to pull through.

6. In the midst of such economic hardships, let us really do our president a huge favor and help him in delivering on the promises we made to the electorate and we should avoid carrying out developmental projects only when it’s time for bye elections.

Let us refrain from violence
God bless Zambia and the mighty patriotic front.
William sakala
Concerned PF Lusaka diehard youth.