Zambian Man Who Inspects His Wife’s Private Parts Every Time He Knocks off From Work Is Divorced

Zambian Man Who Inspects His Wife’s Private Parts Every Time He Knocks off From Work  Is Divorced

A 26-year old woman of Kabanana Township has failed to put up with her husband’s practice of inspecting her womanhood every time he knocks off from work to make sure she did not sleep with any man in his absence. Catherine Banda told the Matero Local court that Moses Zimba, 28, checks her to be sure if she did not misbehave while he was at work. Banda told the court she at one point she left her matrimonial home for her parents’ home because of ‘bad behaviour’.

“Problems in our marriage started in 2018 when my husband started inspecting me whenever he comes from work. He would always suspect me of sleeping with other men whenever goes for work, a situation that I don’t like,” she said. Banda told the court that her husband also beats her when they have a misunderstanding.

“Last he beat me and asked me to leave his house or that he would kill me if he finds me. I am tired of being beaten and I cannot continue being in marriage with him,” she said. She told the court that Zimba deserted her for another woman whom he is currently living with. She furthered told the court that it is illogical to continue staying with Zimba because he has been threatening to kill her. And Zimba told the court that problems in his marriage started in November last year when he did not find his wife at home after knocking off from work. “My wife came home with a parcel that she hid under the bed. When I enquired about it, she said the parcel was for the neighbour.

Last time I caught her with a man on our matrimonial bed. The man ran away,” he said. Zimba pleaded with the court not to grant the couple divorce on grounds that he still loves his wife. The court in passing judgement granted the couple divorce on grounds that there is lack of love in the marriage. Zimba was also ordered to compensate Banda with K 5,000 and maintain his three children with K300 every month.