Constitution Critics Surprises Tutwa Ngulube

Constitution Critics Surprises Tutwa Ngulube

Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube says it is surprising that those who condemned the current Constitution do not want to make changes to the document.

Mr. Ngulube says it is wrong to only point out defects in the supreme law of the land when there are elections and change positions once the polls are over.

The Kabwe Central lawmaker says he cannot believe that individuals who said the fourteen-day period is not enough to hear a Presidential election Petition are today in the forefront opposing amendments to the constitution.

The proposed amendments seek to increase the days in which a presidential petition can be heard.

He told ZNBC news that those with reservations can still go to parliament and make submissions on the constitutional changes that they would like to see.

Mr. Ngulube said government will not allow the constitution making process to be an endless exercise.

He said it is time for Zambians to put their political affiliations aside and ensure the country has a good Constitution that will stand the test of time.