God Wants Lungu, HH To Reconcile-Apostle Mayambu

God Wants Lungu, HH To Reconcile-Apostle Mayambu

In the Forty days of prayer and fasting 12th August 2019


Righteousness (Isaiah 1 vs 16)
The LORD continued to speak in the 40 days of prayer and fasting. The LORD is calling the people of Zambia to pursue righteousness beginning with the Church and leaders in the Nation.
I the Almighty God will sweep the nation clean and do house cleaning in the nation and inside the Church and every cobweb in every corner will be eradicated. I the Lord cannot hear the cries of my people and not respond. I will expose every evil in the nation of Zambia so that my righteousness will be established. Where evil has tried to gain foothold mercy and truth will take over. I the Lord desire to see everlasting peace upon the nation of Zambia and let your hearts believe in my power to establish righteousness in the nation of Zambia.
The lord is saying that “Forgiveness is a key to unlock my miracle power of the nation of Zambia”.

The Lord is saying there is need for forgiveness within families and get rid of resentment especially those close to you. The Lord is saying our political leaders and Church leaders must forgive each other and embrace one another with love.


God is saying President Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema should reconcile soon. This will enhance good democracy and continued peace. Both of them should put the interest of Zambia first. This reconciliation is very important because it will bring healing to the nation. The Lord is saying both parties involved must take this very serious. The Lord has also said the believers must pray to remove every hindrance making the two leaders not to meet. The Lord is also saying Zambia shall remain peaceful during the elections of 2021 and the Lord is saying His will shall prevail of the leadership of Zambia in 2021. The Lord has also warned that any leader who has the agenda to bring confusion will be dealt with “since I the Lord have a covenant with Zambia.

Prophesied: Apostle O Brian Mayambu

Founder Battle Cry for Zambia and all nations.