Police Detain Legana Sausages Accuser

Police Detain Legana Sausages Accuser

POLICE in Lusaka have detained 19-year-old Luyando Kopakopa who is accusing Legana Meat Products of putting foreign objects in their sausages.

Luyando’s first accusation appeared on Facebook last week claiming she had found a condom in Legana sausage she had bought a few days before.

Her accusations were widely dismissed by the public including Legana Meat Products itself.

Luyando Kopakopa

In fact, Legana Meat Products has sued the clinical medicine student for defamation.

But in a show of defiance, Luyando produced another video which surfaced this morning saying she will not be intimidated.

Following the video, Luyando’s father took her to Kabwata Police Station in Lusaka where she is currently detained.

Police sources told #Kalemba that Luyando’s father does not a approve of her accusations and wants her retract and apologize.

“She is not performing well at school, she fails every subject. She is supposed to concentrate on school and not what she is doing,” police sources quoted Luyando’s father.

The source said Kopakopa took his daughter to Kabwata Police Station this morning after she failed to give satisfactory explanations about her accusations.

Legana Meat Products is owned by FDD president Edith Nawakwi.