Iris Kaingu Eyes Lusaka Central Seat

Iris Kaingu the lady who was convicted for featuring in a sex video and is a daughter of Education Minister Michael Kaingu has announced that she is eying to contest as Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central. Iris who boasts that she now has thousands of fanfans on her social media page says she has […]

Iris Kaingu: Homosexual Rights Must Be Recognised In Zambia

ADULT Movie actor who is also daughter to Minister of Education Iris Kaingu says homosexual rights should be recognised in Zambia. Iris who is known for her role in a a leaked s3xtape that landed her in prison, said gays were the same as any other person. The daughter to the Zambian Education Minister Dr. […]

Irish County Ireland Votes To Issue Drunk Driving Permits

While states across America tighten laws on drunk driving, a county in southwest Ireland has RELAXED its drinking and driving laws to allow rural residents to drive home from the local pub after a few pints. Kerry County Council passed a controversial motion on Monday, with a vote of five to three, to support the […]

It Was ‘Blessings in Disguise’ Says Iris Kaingu

It Was ‘Blessings in Disguise’ Says Iris Kaingu

Dear editor, I would like to express my heartfelt disappointment in the manner the famous former ZICAS student Iris kaingu expressed herself  on TV show smooth talk. Though I understand that it was a human mistake. The lady could not strongly condemn the act of disgrace she was caught in  but kept emphasizing that the […]

Enough of Small IRIS Kaingu’s Case, We have Big Issues Affecting Us

Dear Editor, A lot has been said on the issue of Porn and we cannot keep quiet about it, but Zambia has more issues that the Courts can deal with than this “small issue”. Bravo to the courts! Bravo! You have won the case on behalf of the State on small Iris Kaingu; now prove […]

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