Chikuse Confident Of Scooping Lusaka

Republican Progressive Party(RPP) Mayoral Candidate Leslie Chikuse is craving for a debate with other contestants in the mayoral race. Prime TV is posed to hold a debate this week, with Chikuse pleading with the Patriotic Front(PF) candidate Miles Sampa not to chicken out but come forward to respond to pressing issues. Chikuse is worried that […]

Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Will To Fight Corruption

July 6, 2018 President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated a political will to fight corruption, contrary to his critics’ assertion that he not committed to the war on graft. Indeed, President Lungu speaks tough on corruption at every forum, including in his address to the National Assembly. However, the law -enforcement agencies are mandated by the […]

State House Is Not A Labour Office-Ndhlovu

State House is not labour office, why is there a traffic of people looking for jobs and deals at that respected house, Former Deputy Minister in the Frederick Chiluba regime Alfred Ndhlovu has charged. And Ndhlovu said it is sad that Zambia has a Speaker of the National (Dr Patrick Matibini) who has never been […]

Statement On Perpetrators Of Acts Violence

June 28, 2018 Zambian DNA condemns some selfish and power-hungry opposition party leaders who are habitually perpetrating acts of violence in the country We have noted with great concern how the said political leaders are fanning acts of violence by issuing provocative and inflammatory statements in the media outlets hostile to Government. It seems these […]

UPPZ’s Charles Chanda Is Not A Conman…The Land He is Empowering Zambians Is Genuine

UPPZ’s Charles Chanda Is Not A Conman…The Land He is Empowering Zambians Is Genuine

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) has dismissed as malicious and politically motivated negative publicity on it’s leader, Charles Chanda that he is swindling Zambians. On-line media specifically, the United Party for National Development(UPND) aligned Zambia Watchdog and the pro-Patriotic Front(PF) controlled Kwacha Times have gone on rampage scanderising Mr Chanda that he is a crook […]

Protect The Weak And Not The Powerful, Shimunza Dares Government

STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE. ——- DATE: 18-06-2018 ——- GOVERNMENT MUST DEFEND THE WEAK NOT PLEASE ITSELF OR THE RICH. ——— As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we are very sad to note that government is not listening to the cries of the weak, and vulnerable in Zambian society. Youths, and Women especially are crying […]

Statement On President Lungu’s Desire To Improve The Zambian People’s Welfare

Jun 19.2018 The Zambian DNA echoes PF Secretary General’s statement that President Edgar Lungu and his government are on course delivering development to all parts of the country. Indeed under the able leadership of President Lungu, Zambia has has seen massive infrastructure development rolled out throughout the country without leaving anyone behind. President Lungu has […]