Opposition Should Boycott Ward By-Elections -UPP

Opposition Should Boycott Ward By-Elections -UPP

  United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President Charles Chanda has called on the opposition political parties in the country to boycott the forth-coming ward by-elections. Mr Chanda says that this is because they are just a drain on the national resources. Unprecedentedly by-elections in the country have taken centre stage, with the ruling party […]


September 11, 2018    While, constructive criticism of the Republican President Edgar Lungu is acceptable, hate speech, mudslinging, character-assassination and malice is unacceptable. Zambian DNA has observed with great sadness how some disgruntled political party leaders, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Church leaders have taken turns to attack President Lungu and other Government officials relentlessly out […]

  Zambian DNA is urging the people of Western Province to join the rest of Zambians in other parts of the country by working with government in delivering development in their respective areas. Indeed, the governing PF under the able leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demonstrated political will to take development to all […]

Chansa becomes first blind student in Mass Communication

I have a passion for the media industry, says as he becomes the first blind person to be enrolled in the School of Humanity of Bachelor of Mass Communication And Goodwill Ambassador for persons living with disability Elijah Ngwale has appealed to Government, business houses and well wishers to financially assist Mr Chansa who has […]

Charles Chanda Builds Bridge In Chipangali Despite Party Loosing Chairperson Seat

DESPITE its candidate Dave Kapwata losing the Chipangali Chairmanship by-elections, United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) President Charles Chanda has fulfilled his campaign promise of re-building a damaged bridge in Chipangali District. Mr Chanda arrived in Chipata with a thunderous welcome, where he did a number of activities that benefited the people. Mr Chanda later […]

Chanda Arrives In Kasenengwa To Drum Up Support For UPPZ Candidate

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) president Charles Chanda has arrived in Kasenengwa Constituency to drum up support for his candidate Abel Ngwenya ahead of Parliamentary by-election slated for 6th September 2018. Upon arrival Mr Chanda demanded government to stop taxing poor farmers indirectly through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA). He noted with great concern […]

Stop Taxing Farmers, UPPZ Warns Govt

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) president Charles Chanda has strongly urged Government to stop using the Food Reserve Agency(FRA) to indirectly tax farmers who work hard to feed the nation. Mr Chanda says it is sad that farmers must now pay Government through FRA to feed the nation. “I wish to take this time to […]

UPPZ’s Chanda cries for farmers

United Prosperous Charles Chanda says the Chinese have bewitched Zambian Government to an extent that they are closing access passage to historical roads like Alick Nkhata Road in Lusaka’s Long acres area. And Mr Chanda says the Food Reserve Agency(FRA) should not be determining the floor price of maize because it is not involved in […]

Francis Kope Thank Chilanga Voters

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) National Spokesperson Francis Kope was recently in Mount Makulu, Chilanga District to thank those who voted for him in the by-elections and to sell the 2021 Presidential Candidate Charles Chanda In addition to that, Mr Kope went to launch the UPPZ programme dubbed 1821 which is aimed at empowering young […]


  August 13, 2018   The assertions by some known Government critics that the governing PF is afraid of losing power is not only unfounded, but also a calculated scheme to mislead the Zambian people. How could PF which is currently enjoying popularity among Zambians and continues winning by-elections be afraid of losing power? PF […]