“Mukula Smugglers Masquerading As PF Are NDC”

The more than 10 youths Mukula tree smugglers masquerading as PF are NDC sympathizers and are being funded by Chishimba Kambwili & Mwenya Musenge. The youths who last week illegally mounted a road block to block trucks which were on a legal transit of transporting Mukula tree for ZAFICCO on behalf of government with their […]

Year 2017 Characterised By Corruption-Harry Kalaba

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba has distanced himself from corruption allegations that confounded State House and government in 2017 Writing his New Year Message on his Facebook page, Kalaba said he came with clean hands to government and he would join hands with those forces waging a crusade against corruption in government and outside […]

Imbwili Goes For Kampyongo

To these exemplary PF youths who I worked closely with during my time as national youth chairperson. I stand with you, the country stands with you and the NDC stands with you. Do not relent and do not fear weak little men like Kampyongo who think being home affairs minister gives them the right to […]

Nothing Will Stop HH From Contesting The 2021 Polls-Mwiimbu

United Party for National Development UPND Chairperson for Legal and Constitutional Affairs Jack Jacob Mwiimbu says party president Hakainde Hichilema is qualified to contest both the party General Assembly and the forth-coming general elections, ending speculations on the eligibility of the opposition leader. Young African Initiative(YALI) executive director Andrew Nthewewe has challenged Hichilema to step […]

Antonio Mwanza Writes…

This behaviour of forcing anyone found in town to start cleaning is preposterous. Viva comrade Rogers Bwalya for refusing to take illegal orders from the Security Officers to clean City Market by force. Like Martin Luther King once said, no one can climb your back unless you bent it for them.

ZAM Must Go For Elections-Maiko Zulu

Legendary Zambian Reggae artiste Maiko Zulu, formerly St Micheal says it is unfortunate that Zambia Association of Musicians(ZAM) executive members are breaching the constitution with impunity by illegally occupying office. But a source in ZAM has disclosed that the association has not been having the elective Annual General Meeting(AGM) because of financial constraints. Meanwhile, Maiko […]

Cholera Kumayandi-Dickson Jere, It is Scary!

  Woodlands and Rhodes Park are among the prestigious neighborhoods in Lusaka and houses the elites (apamwamba) and expatriate staff in Zambia. So, to hear that cases of cholera have been recorded in these areas is a scary matter. Kumayadi! Even Ibex Hill and Meanwood! Where did we lose it? Our city planning is in […]


December 30, 2017 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu’s directive to all three wings of defence forces to join the Ministry of Health and Lusaka City Council in curbing the escalating spread of cholera in Lusaka. Indeed, President Lungu’s swift intervention to engage the military in the fight against the spread of cholera, which has […]

UPND’s attack On Isaac Mwanza Must Be Condemned-PF

Lusaka, Zambia, 28th December 2017 – We have learnt of attacks against YALI Governance Expert Mr Isaac Mwanza by UPND cadres with great concern. YALI has every right to hold any view and none of their members should be victimised by anyone, including the UPND. YALI,like other civil society groups, does not owe any political […]

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