Good Gals, Big Boobs

For those who didn’t know, it is more or less a taboo to bring home a gal with no boobs in some parts of Africa. Apparently, a guy should Endevour to hunt for boobful gals from heaven or earth. Well we guess these booby gals have nothing to worry about because their market is on […]

Babes In Public Display Of Affection

It’s no doubt that ZED babes’ sex habits are becoming questionable day by day. Our sources snapped these two girls getting cozy as if it was a guy on chic affair. The seemingly horny babes really enjoyed the camera flashes and weren’t afraid to show affection for each other as lens men did their job. […]

Bodies That Can Tempt A Monk

It is said that Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s sexier than any other body part. Well, these gals below are proving to second that by sex-posing their dangerous curves and tight bodies that we all crave. Enjoy!

Nurses And Doctors Nite!

LSK is a city where anything ‘party’ goes. As such, people in the entertainment business are always hatching up theme nights to give partiers an excuse to go out. The latest craze is the monthly Nurses and Doctors Nite . The gals go for the kill when they select the costumes to wear: the raunchier, […]

Fally Urges Youths To Ensure Peace During Polls

Congolese rhumba artiste Ipupa Nsimba popularly known as Fally Ipupa,has urged youths in the country to ensure they uphold peace durin this year’s polls. And fally has said youths in democratic republic of congo are saddened by the demise of second republican president frederick chiluba a fortnight . Fally made the appeal for peaceful elections […]

Openly gay!

It seems the number of gays is rapidly and openly rising in Zambia, this is one of the photos a girl uploaded on her facebook profile. without any shame.

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