Dandy Crazy Battered Over ‘Don’t kubeba’ Song As MMD’s Losing Aspirant Malanje Withdraws Donations

Dandy Crazy Battered Over ‘Don’t kubeba’ Song As MMD’s Losing Aspirant Malanje Withdraws Donations

COPPERBELT based musician a.k.a Dandy Crazy was this week after aftermath of election results nabbed and mercilessly beaten by Opposition Movement for Multi-Pary Democracy (MMD) losing Wusakile Constituency, Pavyuma Kalobo. Pavyuma who is the elder brother to Copperbelt Nuisance troublemaker Youngson Kalobo populary known as Youngson, gave Dandy Crazy some uppercut Punches and jabs on […]

Defeated Rupiah Concedes, Congratulates Sata

Outgoing President Rupiah Banda has conceded defeat and congratulated newly elected Republican President Michael Sata on his victory. In a statement obtained by QFM today, Mr Banda has also thanked the people of Zambia for granting him the honour and pleasure to serve them and urged them to rally behind the new President. He says […]

BREAKING NEWS : ZANAMA Offices Grabbed, Elvis Nkandu Nabbed As Chanda Chimba Goes Into Hiding

The Zambia National Marketeers Association (ZANAMA) offices, have been taken over by the Zambia Traders And Marketeers Association (ZATMA). A Tumfweko Check at Kitwe’s ZANAMA offices found the offices locked by ZATMA through the Zambia Police CID. ZATMA have since issued the statement over the taking over of ZANAMA offices country wide. Meanwhile, ZANAMA Chairman […]


The Patriotic Front (PF) Strongman, Micheal Chilufya Sata, has scooped,the 2011 presidential elections after polling   1, 150, 045 in the 143 constituencies tallied  while MMD had polled 961, 796 votes. Chief Justice Ernest Sakala declared Sata duly elected about 00:30 CAT and  explained that the difference in votes was higher than the the total number of registered […]

Sata still in the lead with 116 constituencies declared

Patriotic Front leader Michael has maintained the lead in the presidential race with 994,090 votes representing 44.4 percent from 116 constituency results declared by the Electoral Commission of Zambia so far. MMD’s Rupiah Banda is in second position with 808,596 votes representing 36.11 percent,UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema has 350,473 votes representing 15.65 percent, ADD’s Charles Milupi […]

Kitwe Riots Escalate As Mosque Is ‘Burnt’ Down

RIOTS have escalated in Kitwe as scores of residents who are rioters have regrouped this late afternoon after laying low during lunch time. The rioters are still echoeing the same voice of quick announcement of Presidential results. The rioters are gathered at 16feet in Nkana East/West while others are in Wusakile, Chamboli, Bulangililo, Chimwemwe, Kwacha’s […]

US Ambassador Advises RB To Concede Defeat As Heavy Riots Spread

LEAKS just received are that the American Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella yesterday called on President Rupiah Banda and advised him to concede defeat. However, Mr. Banda refused to heed the call. Mr. Banda ordered Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to shut down their website and deter all media houses from broadcasting presidential poll results. […]

Heavy Riots BreakOut In Kitwe As Rioters Call For RB To Step Down

There are ugly scenes in Kitwe as riots have started. The residents who are calling for Rupiah Banda of the MMD are running battles with Police who seem to be outnumbered by rioters. The police have since started firing blank bullets at the residents. Tires are being burnt in the same fracas. The rioting residents […]

Results Electronic Fraud In Livingstone Intercepted As Residents Burn Nakadoli Market In Kitwe

There was an attempted electronic Fraud in Livingstone by an ECZ Information Technology (IT) specialist after he attempted to alter (change) the election results figures for presidential election results. This happened after the ECZ computer ‘crushed’ and was restored. Some IT specialist from ECZ ‘cooked up’ the results in favour of the MMD but this […]

Government Through The Lusaka High Court STOPS The Post, Mobi Tv, Muvi Tv From Announcing Election Results As Heavy Armed Soldiers ‘Seal’ State House

The Lusaka High Court has granted an exparte injuction to restrain the Post Newspapers, Muvi Television, and Mobi International Limited from publishing and announcing results of the 2011 tripartite elections. Lusaka High Court Judge Jane Kabuka says “it is hereby ordered and directed that the defendants whether by themselves, servants, agents or whomsoever be and […]