BREAKING NEWS : Ndola Stadium Big Screen TV Stolen

BREAKING NEWS : Ndola Stadium Big Screen TV Stolen

A BIG SCREEN at Zambia’s new 45,000 seater national stadium, has been stolen. It is understood this is barely a month before brand new speakers at the same stadium were stolen. And soccer fans have bemoaned lack of security at the countrys national pride. One of the many fans who bemoaned the development, wondered how […]

UPG Corruption Allegation Rage On As New Evidence Surfaces

The controversy of corruption and bribery allegations against Universal Print Group (UPG) of South Africa has continued. PF Kabwata constituency aspirant, Given Lubinda claims more evidence of corrupt practices against the company has emerged. He claims some ECZ officials working with UPG set up what he termed dummy companies, to issue dubious invoices. Mr. Lubinda […]

BREAKING NEWS : ‘Donchi Kubeba’ Greets RB In Kiitwe

President Ruphia Banda is in Kitwe holding a public rally at Changanamai grounds in Kwacha township. Prior to his rally at Changanamai, President Banda was in Wusakile township to commision communal toilets and unfinished road rehabilitation works. Whilst in Wusakile, people were shouting ‘Pamakaa ! Pamakaa ! and ‘Donchi Kubeba !’ Donchi Kubeba !’ signalling […]

BREAKING NEWS : FODEP President Nabbed With ‘Ballot Papers’ in Durban

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) president Alex Ngoma has been caught trying to steal a presidential ballot from the printing plant in Durban, South Africa. Ngoma, who is also a lecturer at the University of Zambia, was caught on Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and the footage was shown to all Zambian delegates. The printing of ballots […]

Fracas At Lusaka Town Center As MMD/ PF Cadres Fight For Dominance

Leaks in are that the Police are struggling to bring order to the Lusaka Center Market where the MMD and PF cadres are up in arms against each other. The MMD supporters carrying out their business at the market thi morning woke up to a rude shock when they found the whole market place clustered […]

Subjects Threaten To Stone Mwata Kazembe

SOME residents of Mwansabombwe in Luapula Province have threatened to stone Mwata Kazembe, who is allegedly stopping them from campaigning for the opposition Patriotic Front (PF). And PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba says his party would file a formal complaintto the Electoral Commission of Zambia over Mwata Kazembe’s move to bar PF from campaigning in […]

M’membe Tells Kayukwa off That He Is Not Fit To Lead ACC

Post editor Fred M’membe yesterday told ACC director general Lt Col Godfrey Kayukwa off over UPG’s bribery and corruption investigations. And Kayukwa yesterday confirmed that in fact ACC has been investigating UPG’s corruption allegations, contrary to his earlier press statement that the ACC were not investigating any matter concerning UPG. In a meeting at the […]

Lubinda And M’membe Snub ACC

Patriotic Front former Kabwata Member of Parliament, Given Lubinda and Post Newspaper Managing Editor, Fred Mmembe have refused to avail any information to the Anti-Corruption Commission on corruption allegations involving Universal Print Group. Universal print Group is a South Africa company contracted to print ballot papers for the September 20 polls. Anti-Corruption Commission Public Relations […]

800, 000 Presidential Ballot Papers Printed So Far

Universal Printing Group ( UPG ) Projects Manager Vik Vaid says Eight hundred thousand (800 000) presidential ballot papers have been printed. Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) President Dr Alex Ngoma has urged Zambians to have faith in the renowned South African printing company. ZANIS reports from Durban, South Africa, that Mr. Vaid said this […]

Come Out Open And State Your Position On The UPG Corruption Allegations, ECZ Urged

Bishop John Mambo has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to come out in the open and state its clear position on the corruption allegations leveled against Universal Print Group the printers of ballot papers. Bishop Mambo notes that the allegations against the company mandated to print ballot papers are very serious. Bishop Mambo […]