TWO Women in Ndola were thursday 11/17 afternoon embarrasingly undressed, striped naked for improper, indescent dressing and later their body (boobs, buttocks) caressed in public by Ndola Call-Boys. The Ndola call-boys harrassed the two women who were putting on the latest trend in fashion amongst the ladies, the leggings. The call-boys claimed that the two […]

WIFE Gives LOVER Husband’s Company Car, Claims THEFT

A ZIMBABWEAN Harare woman who claimed last week that she lost her husband’s company car to carjackers near Zimbabwe’s Banket town had in fact given it to her boyfriend who later crashed it in Siakobvu town. Shamiso Hether Wurayayi (34) and Lomona Jean Pierre Mabi (48), her boyfriend from the Democratic Republic of Congo, appeared […]

AFGHANISTAN Christians In Danger In And Around The WORLD

The following urgent message from Obaid S. Christ, an Afghan Christian living in New Delhi, arrived in my inbox two weeks ago:   “I just received a warning call from a person who introduced himself as an [official at the Afghan embassy]… If I don’t go to the embassy in two hours to meet him, […]

ZIMBABWE AGREE To Pay 50 Year Old US$260m Debt Owed To Zambia

THE Zimbabwean government has finally agreed to clear the decades long- outstanding debt of about US$260 million owed to Zambia for the shared operations costs of Kariba Dam infrastructure. Minister of Lands, Energy and Water Development Chris Yaluma last week met his Zimbabwean counterpart who was in the country to discuss the debt and how […]

LAZ Backtracks ‘WE HAVE Dropped Plans To Sue ZNBC’

The Law Association of Zambia has dropped plans to sue the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation -ZNBC- for breaching the ZNBC Act and the Republican Constitution. LAZ President Musa Mwenye says the council in June was concerned by the manner ZNBC operated, breaching the Act as evidenced in its unfair news coverage. Mr. Mwenye says LAZ […]

DR MUTESA Says ‘Include The EFZ In The Constitution COMMITTEE Also’

AN OPPOSITION political party has requested president Michael Sata to include the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia on the technical committee appointed to draft the new constitution. The Zambia for empowerment and development (ZED) which made the request says the Evangelical fellowship represents a large constituency of voters. ZED president Fredrick Mutesa has also said the […]


THE COMMISSION of Inquiry appointed to investigate the sale of Zamtel to Lap Green of Libya has established that the transaction was fraudulent and illegal. Commission Chairperson Sebastian Zulu also says the evaluation of Zamtel assets by R.P Capital of Cayman Irelands was highly incompetent and misleading. He made the revelations when he presented the […]

3 CATHOLIC Bishops In, Pentecoastal Pastors SHUNNED ‘They Chewed Tax Payers And Were Part Of Defunct NCC’

THE inclusion of three catholic bishops and non inclusion of Pentecoastal pastors in the committee of experts in the constitution making process has raised alot of debate and dust amongst Zambians. However, some concerened Zambians have justified the shunning of pentecoastal bishops saying they (Pentecoastal bishops) already disappointed Zambians and chewed tax payers money in […]

PASTOR NEVERS MUMBA HITS Back “I Am A God Fearing Man And I Have NOT Stolen Public FUNDS”

RECALLED Zambia’s high commissioner to Canada Nevers Mumba has responded to allegations of financial irregularities at the Zamnbian embassy in Canada. Dr Mumba has said that he is innocent and said that he will only return home when he gets a Foreign Office clearance officially. He denied any allegations of “financial irregularities,” in an exclusive […]