88 Million Kwacha ‘Disappears’ At George Clinic

Over 88 Million Kwacha funds raise by Lusaka’s George Compound clinic health volunteers is said to have gone unaccounted for. The move prompted over two hundredhealth volunteers to stage a peaceful demonstration demanding for accountability for the funds raised from community projects like fee paying toilet, showers and a hammer mill. One of the Volunteers, […]

Mpombo: Mangani’s Resignation, A Sign MMD Is Dead.

Kafulafuta Member of Parliament George Mpombo has charged the resignation Lameck Mangani is a sign that the MMD is finished and dead. Mr. Mpombo says that Mr. Mangani’s resignation should clearly demonstrate that the MMD is not intact in eastern province as stated by the MMD officials. He says that the resignation of the Chipata […]

You’ve our votes, Chief Puta assures RB

SENIOR Chief Puta of the Bwile people in Luapula Province has rallied his support for President Rupiah Banda in this year’s presidential elections. The chief also said the withdrawal of incumbent Member of Parliament Katele Kalumba from re-contesting the Chiengi seat had been taken after wide consultations with the sub-chiefs and other stakeholders. Senior Chief […]

Secrecy Over Election Date Worries Milupi

The Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) says the secrecy surrounding the date of elections is disadvantaging other political players who may want to plan for their participation in this yeas 2011 polls. ADD leader Charles Milupi told QFM news that the MMD is trying to use the date of elections to catch other political […]

Unlike UPND Attracting Rabbits; PF Is Attracting Buffaloes-SATA

PF leader Michael Sata this morning bragged that his party was the only one attracting bigwigs and influential people while UPND was only attracting nonentities. “We are the only party that is attracting Buffaloes and Elephants while others are attracting Rabbits…tuma councilors here and there” he said. He thanked Sylvia Masebo, Maynard Misapi, Laxon Kazabu […]

Sata Grateful to RB For Making Him Popular

Patriotic front president Michael Sata has thanked republican president Rupiah Banda for making him popular and stronger. Mr. Sata alleges that the propaganda created by the MMD has made the PF to be stronger and known in almost all the areas in Zambia. He says that the propaganda through Chanda Chimba’s stand up for Zambia […]

PF’s growing popularity a source of insomnia for MMD, says Lubinda

THE growing popularity of the PF has become a source of insomnia for the MMD, says Kabwata PF member of parliament Given Lubinda. Lubinda said machinations to estrange the Patriotic Front would not work. “The growing popularity of the party has undoubtedly become a source of insomnia for MMD strategists and propagandists. They will stop […]

Kawambwa MMD rejects Chitika

KAWAMBWA MMD district and constituency officials have rejected the party’s intended imposition of Elizabeth Chitika-Molobeka as their parliamentary candidate in this year’s election. According to well-placed sources in the MMD district leadership, the party officials submitted to a team of three ministers who are assessing the party strength in Luapula that they would vote for […]

MMD’s William Banda downplays Mangani’s resignation

Mr Banda says Mr Mangani’s resignation will not affect the strength of the ruling party. Speaking in an interview with QFM in Lusaka, Mr. Banda says the MMD will remain stronger and the favorite to win this year’s elections. Mr. Banda has however described Mr. Mangani’s resignation as unfortunate stressing that it has come as […]

Pastor Sentenced To Two Years Imprisonment

A Pastor at Tabernacle of Influence Church in Mtendere has been sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour for being in possession of counterfeit notes. Edmond Quincey Kakompe, 32, was sentenced by a Lusaka Magistrate court after being found guilty of unlawful possession of counterfeit notes amounting to Five Million Kwacha. Pastor Kakompe was […]