Kabonde : Zambia Police Is Ready To Investigate FODEP President’s Fraud

The Zambia police says it has not received any formal request to investigate FODEP president Dr Alex Ngoma for being in possession of a ballot paper at the Universal Printing Company in Durban South Africa. Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde says the police are ready to investigate the matter if formally requested by the […]

Presidetial Ballot Papers Printed

Five point five million presidential ballots have been printed, and Universal Print Group projects manager Vik Vaid has told journalists that printing of the ballots which started on Tuesday August 16, 2011 was completed on Monday at 10:00hrs Mr Vaid has also said thirty seven National Assembly constituency ballot papers have been printed so far. […]

UNZA Student Demands Government Compensation

A 25-year-old University of Zambia student, who was shot by Police officers in 2008, is still complaining of pain and lack of compensation from government. Samuel Nasilele was part of a group of UNZA students, who took part in a demonstration over meal allowances and in the fracas, police officers shot him in the chest. […]

Lusaka Call-Boys Differ At Colleague’s Burial

Call boys from Stanley bar in Lusaka sunday morning attracted dozens of mourners at the Chingwere cemetery when they argued whether or not to bury their colleague who died recently. As the argument intensified, the call boys stopped digging the grave for 36-year-old Vincent Mulemba, attracting other mourners who were also burying their loved ones. […]

FODEP Boss Told To File Written Report

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) President, Alex Ngoma has vowed to continue speaking for the vulnerable. He says the allegations leveled against him will not detract his focus on the national assignment bestowed on him to monitor the printing of ballots. Dr Ngoma, who is part of a stakeholders team in South Africa to witness […]

Chawama Residents Dismiss Empty Promises

Residents of Chawama in Lusaka have vowed not to listen to empty campaign promises ahead of the 20th September general elections. The residents who told muvi tv, said that they are tired of voting for lawmakers who have not contributed to the development of the area. One of the residents, Sydney Hambalo has said that […]

Libya conflict: Rebels push towards Tripoli

Buoyed by gains on Saturday, rebel forces are pushing towards the Libyan capital, Tripoli, where there was heavy overnight gunfire and several explosions on Sunday morning. A BBC correspondent with rebels who took Zawiya on Saturday says they have now taken Jaddayim, the first town en route to Tripoli, 40km (25 miles) east. Earlier, Col […]

Sata Reported To Police Over Allegedly Threatening Violence

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has been reported to the police by MMD North Western Province Chairperson, Pinnakin Patel for threatening violence. Mr. Patel has told ZNBC that Mr. Sata called him on his mobile phone warning that he will sort him out. Mr Patel says Mr Sata has warned him to stop issuing comments […]

BREAKING NEWS : Ndola Stadium Big Screen TV Stolen

BREAKING NEWS : Ndola Stadium Big Screen TV Stolen

A BIG SCREEN at Zambia’s new 45,000 seater national stadium, has been stolen. It is understood this is barely a month before brand new speakers at the same stadium were stolen. And soccer fans have bemoaned lack of security at the countrys national pride. One of the many fans who bemoaned the development, wondered how […]

UPG Corruption Allegation Rage On As New Evidence Surfaces

The controversy of corruption and bribery allegations against Universal Print Group (UPG) of South Africa has continued. PF Kabwata constituency aspirant, Given Lubinda claims more evidence of corrupt practices against the company has emerged. He claims some ECZ officials working with UPG set up what he termed dummy companies, to issue dubious invoices. Mr. Lubinda […]