2009 Budget And Expenditure Tracking Survey Reveals Inadequacies In Education And Health Sectors On The Copperbelt

The 2009 Budget and Expenditure Tracking Survey (BETS) has revealed a number of inadequacies in both the education and health sector on the Copperbelt province.In the health sector, of the six health institutions covered only two in Mufulira (Mokambo and Kawama West) have no maternity wards as a result, cases are conducted in isolation rooms […]

Mulongoti : MMD Candidates Are Walkovers

Former MMD chairperson for elections Mike Mulongoti says the adopted MMD parliamentary candidates in Lusaka have guaranteed the opposition outright victory. Mr. Mulongoti says the MMD adopted candidates have an uphill battle to convince the people to vote for them. He describes some of the adopted parliamentary candidates as walkovers incapable of winning an election. […]

Rev Mba’o : Politics Of Deceit And Manipulation Is The Root Cause Of Poverty And Underdevelopment In Zambia

POLITICS of deceit and manipulation is the root cause of poverty and underdevelopment in Zambia, says reverand Mb’ao. In an interview, rev Mba’o who is Pastors forum For Eastern And Southern Africa Chairperson, said Zambians must vote for leaders that would spearhead good governance and heed peoples cries over the constitution. “What Zambia needs is […]

Kaweche Seeks To Stand In Malambo Under PF Ticket

Kaweche Kaunda has applied to contest the Malambo Parliamentary seat in Mambwe district of Eastern Province on opposition PF ticket. And former Petauke district commisioner and former diplomat, George Zulu, has applied to contest the Luangeni seat on a PF ticket. Kaweche, who is Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s son, confirmed the development in an interview yesterday […]

Investigate Deaths Of Mongu Riot Detainees, State Urged

Hope for Human Rights has called on government to constitute a team of doctors that will be tasked to investigate the possible cause of illnesses leading to the deaths of four of Mongu riot detainees. Organization’s executive director Smart Chanda has told QFM that it is important that government comes out clear on the illnesses […]

Kango’mbe : Government Should Acknowledge Failure To Protect Workers From Abuse

Kitwes Independent Riverside Ward Councilor Christopher Kangombe says government should acknowledge that it has failed to protect Zambian workers from abuse by foreign investors. He said it is unfortunate that Zambians are suffering abuse at the hands of investors despite having labour laws in place. Councilor Kangombe charges that investors are taking advantage of the […]

MISA Zambia Condemns Harassments Of Muvi TV Journalists By MMD Cadres

Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA ZAMBIA) has told political parties to instill discipline in their cadres. And MISA has urged media practitioners to desist from covering areas that pose a threat to their lives. Reacting to the harassment of a Muvi TV news crew by suspected MMD cadres, MISA Chairperson Daniel Sikazwe says the […]

Musonda : Sata Will Win Chiengi By A Landslide

MICHAEL Sata will win by a landslide in Chiengi regardless of what the MMD does, says senior chief Puta’s immediate younger brother Abel Musonda. And Chiengi MMD information and publicity secretary Wansambo Makungu said the people in Chiengi told President Rupiah Banda’s ministers who were recently on a tour of Luapula Province that the President […]

Chifire : Patrick Mwanawasa Tried To Defraud UK University After Failing

We are rather shocked by the gross political misconduct of Patrick Mwanawasa. We find that his recent behaviour and utterances are unacceptable in any normal society. In a space of a very short time, Patrick has been quoted in the media insulting President Rupiah Banda, Mrs. Thandiwe Banda, and former Republican Vice-President Enoch Kavindele, his […]