If you spot any of these men trying to enter your life, think twice before trying to build a relationship with them. And do not convince yourself that you will change them. It is much easier to move on to a really good man than to try to make things work with one of their […]

WHAT TO DO If You Are To Tell Your NEW Girl About Your EX

Note from Alex: This is just a short chapter from The Ex-Girlfriend Solution answering a common question that Tumfweko gets: “Should You Tell Your New Girl About Your Ex?” At some point, you will meet a girl. It’s inevitable. And it’s also inevitable that you and her will talk about your previous lovers and relationships. […]

A Jingle Blue Magic Christmas Make Up-Tutorial!!

A Jingle Blue Magic Christmas Make Up-Tutorial!!

By Mary sakubita Przymus I am so excited with all these holidays. Everything is so “enchanted”! I  was inspired to do this look by traditional Christmas colours: blue , silvery, white and dark grey… But the make-up itself has some glamorous vibes to it  because the look is frosty  magic blue which is bright and […]

MEN Sexiest In Their 40s, WOMEN In Their 30s

MEN are at their sexiest and at their peak pulling power when they are in their naughty 40s, a new study says. The study, based on a survey, found that women find men in their 40s more attractive while females feel at their sexiest in their 30s — the age males find them pretty, daily […]

Pawpaw Desperate For Marriage; After Aki’s Wedding

Pawpaw Desperate For Marriage; After Aki’s Wedding

After the traditional wedding two weeks ago in Mbano, Imo State, pint-sized actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, otherwise known as Aki has finally walked down the aisle with his heartthrob, Nneoma Hope Nwajah at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Abundant Grace Parish over the weekend. The wedding, which was attended by the crème-de-la-crème in the society, […]


Stay-at-home mothers may give the impression of living the perfect lifestyle – with all the time in the world to bond with their children. But a new study has revealed that they are more likely to be depressed and suffer ill health than working mums. Researchers from the University of North Carolina analysed more than […]

23:05Hrs-Breaking News: PATRONS At BORN N’ BRED Awards TURN Mulungushi Center’s CAR PARK Into A SEX HUB RESORT

THE 2011 Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation-ZNBC-‘Born n Bred’ music video awards has been characterized with sexual activities going on outside the Mulungushi International Conference Centre main hall. The allegedly sexual activities are happening right in the car park where vehicles are being used for bonking as comfort zones. Patrons have been spotted in dark corners […]


A recent survey carried out by a London based condom manufacturer, Durex, has ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the World. Malaysians are ranked third in the world for being the most unfaithful partner, reported China Press. According to a survey, 33 percent of Malaysian men admitted that they were unfaithful to their […]

Avoid Biscuits To Prevent Womb Cancer

The 10-year study that looked at the eating habits of more than 60,000 women in Sweden found that those who treated themselves two to three times a week were 33 per cent more likely to suffer the disease. It also found that the risk of developing a tumour jumped by 42 per cent among those […]

Drink Beer For A Healthy Heart

Drink Beer For A Healthy Heart

Beer drinkers have something to cheer about if a recent report is to be believed: The consumption of beer in moderate quantities (that means one to two glasses only!) could reduce the risk of heart disease. The findings are based on a meta-analysis of several different studies conducted worldwide from over 200,000 people’s drinking habits, […]