Statement On Political Violence

October 16, 2019 The Zambian DNA is calling on political party leaders across the political spectrum in Zambia to provide leadership by advising their cadres and general membership to desist from engaging in acts of political violence and disturbance of the peace. We have noted with dismay, how some desperate and power hungry politicians are […]

Statement On The Day Of National Prayers And Reconciliation

October 13, 2019 We, a consortium of political parties and non-governmental organizations, are urging all Zambians regardless of their political or religious affiliation to attend the Day of National Prayers and Reconciliation slated for October 18. We expect every patriotic Zambian to attend the said national event as it’s the best way to demonstrate our […]

Statement On UPND’s Misleading Assertion On ” Wind Of Change “

October 11, 2019 The assertion by opposition UPND that their recently retained Kaoma Council Chairperson seat signifies a ” Wind of Change” is not only misleading, an incorrect assessment of their perceived strongholds but also an attempt to gain cheap political mileage as usual. In fact, the ruling PF has significantly gained ground in UPND’s […]

Statement On The State Of The Economy Under The Leadership Of Pres. Lungu

October 03.2019 Zambian DNA has observed that the Government under the able leadership of President Edgar Lungu is doing everything possible to improve the Zambian people’s livelihoods. We are confident that Government’s current various strategies of implementing  pro-poor policies, including the proposed 2020 National Budget, Seventh National Development Plan and the ‘Vision 2030‘, will yield positive […]

Statement On The Recently Announced 2020 Budget

September 30, 2019 Zambian DNA is elated that the recently announced 2020 National Budget is progressive  and demonstrates Government’s resolve and commitment to address various critical issues of great concern to the majority Zambians and the business community. It’s gratifying to note that the Government’s decision to abandon Sales Tax is a right step in […]

Statement On: A known Opposition Leader’s Desire To Introduce Gay Rights and Same Sex Marriage.

We, a consortium of political parties and Non GovernmentalOrganizations(NGOs) are extremely shocked to learn through the media that a known opposition leader in Zambia, wants to introduce gay rights and same sex marriage if given a chance  to govern the country. However, as a Christian Nation, Zambia does not subscribe to practices that are contrary […]

Under Whose Authority Was DFID Acting Under When It Release Relief Food For Zambia?

Their is a very dangerous western cartel working around the clock to undermine the Zambian governing powers. UK recently released relief food days after Hakainde decision to declare hunger a national emergency despite the government repeatedly assuring the nation that the situation was under control and the current stock was enough to cover for the […]

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