August 13, 2018   The assertions by some known Government critics that the governing PF is afraid of losing power is not only unfounded, but also a calculated scheme to mislead the Zambian people. How could PF which is currently enjoying popularity among Zambians and continues winning by-elections be afraid of losing power? PF […]

Statement On The UPND/PF Youth Peace Accord

The Zambian DNA is appalled and disappointed that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has rejected the UPND/PF Youth Peace Accord. Like many Zambians, were comforted that there will be no longer political violence perpetuated by political cadres but now we have been taken aback by Hichilema who has u-turned on the Youth Peace Accord. However, we […]


PIZZA HUT ZAMBIA MEDIA STATEMENT Lusaka, Wednesday, 1 August 2018 PIZZA HUT RESTAURANTS RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS Pizza Hut Zambia is pleased to announce that all of our restaurants are reopen for business after having worked closely with the Lusaka City Council (LCC). We would like to thank the LCC for its vigilance and dedication […]

Statement On The Just Ended By-Elections

Statement On The Just Ended By-Elections

  The Zambian DNA congratulates the governing PF for scooping almost all the seats in the recently held by-elections that took in various parts of the country. Indeed, this illustrates that the governing PF remains a party of choice. This confirms that the people of Zambia want the PF to continue running the affairs of […]

Statement On Civil Society Attempt To Compromise The Credibility Of Elections

24th July,2018   The Zambian DNA condemns some Civil Society Organizations attempt to compromise the credibility of elections in Zambia by deliberately attacking institutions of governance. The  said CSOs have attacked the Electoral Commission of Zambia, the Zambia Police Service High Command and the governing Patriotic Front, purporting that the said institutions are colluding to help […]


July 19, 2018 Zambian DNA is concerned with some politicians’ ill-conceived agenda of agitating for a regime change. We have noted how the opposition political parties have abandoned their role of providing checks and balances to Government in favour of name-calling, witch-hunting and character-assassination. It also sad that the said cartel’s ill-conceived agenda for a […]

Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Will To Fight Corruption

July 6, 2018 President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated a political will to fight corruption, contrary to his critics’ assertion that he not committed to the war on graft. Indeed, President Lungu speaks tough on corruption at every forum, including in his address to the National Assembly. However, the law -enforcement agencies are mandated by the […]

Statement On Perpetrators Of Acts Violence

June 28, 2018 Zambian DNA condemns some selfish and power-hungry opposition party leaders who are habitually perpetrating acts of violence in the country We have noted with great concern how the said political leaders are fanning acts of violence by issuing provocative and inflammatory statements in the media outlets hostile to Government. It seems these […]

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