Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Stance To Market Zambia As Preferred Investment Destination

August 19, 2019 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for his tacit commitment to market Zambia as a preferred foreign investment destination. We are also elated that the Republican President officially opened the North-West Investment Expo, which is the fifth in the series of ten after Luapula, Central, Northern and Copperbelt, under the theme: “Unveiling […]

sStatement On ILL-Conceived “Paint-Pres Lungu Black Campaign”

We, a consortium of political parties and non-governmental organizations, strongly urge Zambian people to rally behind President Edgar Lungu as he means well for the country and ignore Government critics as they have nothing to offer them except peddling falsehoods against Government officials, propagating hate-speech and tarnishing the country’s image abroad in their futile attempt […]

Statement On Dr Lungu’s Tacit Commitment To Fight Corruption

August 1, 2019 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for his timely directive to the relevant authorities to re-open the case of 48 houses suspected to be proceeds of crime and bring it to a logical conclusion. Indeed, President Lungu‘s directive to the relevant authorities has once again demonstrated his political will to fight corruption. […]

Statement On Why People Should Vote Wisely

  Zambian DNA has noted with concern that most if not all opposition representatives once voted into office do not deliver development to their respective areas because they do not want to work with Government We do not expect the people of Chitwa, Mangango, Kanabilumbu in Kaoma and indeed other local government by elections in […]

Statement On Pres. Demonstrating The Importance Of Investing In Education

Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for demonstrating the importance of investing in education in both deeds and words. We are also elated that President Lungu, once again, underscored the importance of investing in education when he launched the Mukuba Secondary School Alumni in Kitwe, where he was once a pupil. Indeed, President Lungu has demonstrated how […]

Statement On How Zambians Should Emulate Pres. Lungu’s Patrotism Attributes

June  29, 2019 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for aggressively marketing the country as a preferred investment destination in the region. Indeed, President Lungu‘s gesture to woo foreign investors and project the country‘s positive image abroad does not only demonstrate his tacit commitment to develop the country, create jobs for the  unemployed youth, improve  people’s welfare, but […]

Statement On Govt Timely Distribution Of Relief Food To Hunger Stricken Areas

June 21, 2019 Zambian DNA commends Government for the timely distribution of food relief to the hunger –stricken far-flung areas in various parts of the country. It’s worth noting that the Disaster Mitigation and Management Unit (DMMU) under the Office of the Vice-President swiftly and timely distributed food relief to the hunger-stricken areas. We are […]

Statement On Kambwili’s Verbal Attack On President Lungu

June 19, 2019 National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Chishimba Kambwili’s recent verbal attack on President Edgar Lungu is not only unfortunate, malicious and unfounded, but also the worst disrespect emanating from the former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister. Zambian DNA is shocked that Mr. Kambwili has continued to use uncouth and vulgar language against President Lungu, […]

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