The Pill And Your Boobs

The Pill And Your Boobs

Birth control pills might make your boobs a little bigger Because the hormones in the Pill cause fluid retention, it is likely your breasts will feel somewhat fuller. Some types may heal breast blemishes Just as certain kinds of Pills contain hormones that clear up and prevent facial acne, these types also can have a […]

Staying Single Can Be Fatal

Staying single can be fun for many; but according to a new study, leading a solo lifestyle could have serious health implications. Researchers at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, have found that single women were at risk of dying seven to 15 years earlier than their married counterparts. Single men fared even worse, with their […]

New Vaccine Enables Immune System To Be Constantly ‘On The Alert’ For Hiv

An experimental drug has been proven to control HIV/AIDS infection for more than a year, suggesting it may lead to a vaccine that cures the killer disease. Researchers said Cytomegalovirus (CMV) works by priming the immune system to quickly attack the HIV virus when it first enters the body, a point at which the virus […]

Small Condoms Increase Chances of It Slipping Off

Small Condoms Increase Chances of It Slipping Off

By Richard . You can’t go wrong if you shield your dongle. When used correctly, condoms prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). Although condoms are continuously becoming common, these are some things you need to know t make them more effective. Remember there is no such thing as a learner’s permit for […]

Avoiding Beer Mess

By Ba Willy We all love beer and trust me, it makes many people’s days but there is need to do beer the right way. Earlier this week I saw an alcohol drinking competition in Kabwata where a person would drink entire glass of Castle in a less than a minute and wondered where our […]

Where You Can Meet Honnies!

    By Kellen. As a general rule, babes are more approachable and less suspicious when they meet guys through the course of a regular day and in an atmosphere when they feel at ease, as opposed to when a guy introduces himself in a more typical setting (bars or clubs, for example). So here’s […]

Boost The Odds Of Surviving Breast Cancer

JUST one daily drink could sharply reduce a breast cancer sufferer’s chance of survival. Researchers in Italy say the survival rate for non-drinkers is almost 90 per cent but this drops to 65 per cent for women who had just one large glass of wine a day. Henry Scowcroft, of Cancer Research UK, said: “The […]

Laptops Could Lead to Male Infertility

At the moment a lot of young men are probably not thinking of becoming fathers, but it might be too late when the “right” time will come. A reproductive specialist at Loyola University Health System (LUHS) established a list of tips that would protect male fertility, which is greatly affected the most by excessive laptop […]

Health Benefits Of Watermelon You Never Knew

Watermelon is a favourite fruit for its sweet season and refreshing qualities. Watermelons originated in Africa and were first cultivated in Egypt where their existence was recorded in hieroglyphics on temple walls. Today, watermelon is eaten all over the world and is best during the hot season. However watermelon is much more than a tasty […]

HIV/AIDS STUDY-Early Treatment ‘Makes Virus 96% Less Infectious’!

HIV carriers who start treatment before the virus can ravage their immune systems are 96 per cent less likely to infect their partner, a landmark new study has found. The findings are a breakthrough in combating the spread of HIV. In theory, if every person carrying the virus was treated at the earliest opportunity, the […]