UPND Dares GBM To Form His Own Party

UPND Youths have given the National Management Committee(NMC) a 24hrs ultimatum to discipline party vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for bringing confusions to the largest opposition. UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso said the youths will take the law in their hands if they fail to discipline Mwamba for bringing the party to disrepute. […]

Statement On Why Zambians Don’t Want Regime Change

April 17, 2019   We, the consortium of Non –Governmental Organizations and Political parties, have noted how  unfortunate and misleading the UPND-led Alliance’s stance  to continue agitating for regime change when in fact Zambians want politicians to change how they conduct their politics and not change of Government. It’s abundantly clear that Zambians are ready […]

Copperbelt Youths Defend Nathan Chanda ‘Stop Hogwash On Roan Loss’

Copperbelt Youths Defend Nathan Chanda ‘Stop Hogwash On Roan Loss’

The PF’s loss in the Roan Parliamentary by-election has unsettled the ruling party with some members blaming some senior party officials for the defeat. The accusations have not gone down well with the PF youths on the Copperbelt who are now defending their provincial chairperson Nathan Chanda and his leadership. Speaking on behalf of other […]

PF Made Its Money From Maize Exports

Political Analyst Dante Saunders believes the Patriotic Front(PF) have made “the money they needed for election campaigns” after u-turning  on its decision of lifting the ban on maize exports. Barely months after lifting the ban on maize exports, government announced that it has banned the export of maize. But Saunders says the PF has made […]

You Reap What You Sow, Dr Banda Tells, UPND

  _____________________________ WARNING Dr _____________________________ …the United Party for National Development [UPND] is a political party in Zambia which is under the capture of a cabal of frenzied ethnic imperialists or hegemonists whose unceasing desire is to usurp State power for the chief reason of asserting the pride of their ethnicity… _____________________________ God took me […]

Opinion: UPND Will Move Closer to Kambwili for 2021 Polls

Opinion: UPND Will Move Closer to Kambwili for 2021 Polls

Dear Editor, IF the people decide to vote for Harry Kalaba or Chishimba Kambwili in 2021, I can predict UPND will come out 3rd. I can foresee HH trying to bring Kambwili closer to UPND even if the two have nothing in common. Kambwili has political experience which he used to win Roan while HK […]

PF Says Entire UPND In Mpongwe Have Defected to Ruling Party

PF Says Entire UPND In Mpongwe Have Defected to Ruling Party

Press statement for immediate release Mpongwe…April 14, 2019 The entire UPND branch officials in Munkumpu Ward of Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt have resigned from the opposition party to join the ruling Patriotic Front. These that defected include 48 ward and branch officials and over 500 ordinary UPND members with Membership cards. The defectors were […]

UPPZ Congratulates NDC

12.4.19 PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONGRATULATIONS NDC ON LANDSLIDE VICTORY As United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) we wish to thank Luanshya residents for the landslide victory of a yes vote to opposition NDC in Roan Constituency. This is a clear sign that the will of the people has prevailed. We also thank NDC […]

PF impressive…Kambwili’s NDC Headed For Victory In Roan

40 out of 43 polling stations PF 7653 NDC 9879 Francis Kope posted the following mind boggling statement earlier in the day PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PEACEFUL CAMPAIGN A CLICHÊ IN ZAMBIA ———————————– 10.4.19 It is saddening to note that today in Zambia campaigns are about peace as opposed to manifesto based campaign. How […]

PF Haunted By Failed Leadership

The Patriotic Front government have been flogged with their own whip of failed leadership in both Roan and Bahati Constituencies. Thankfully, the PF leadership has, without shame, accepted that both Bahati and Roan constituencies are not only underdeveloped but also poverty stricken. President Lungu, himself openly said that Bahati has no hospitals, no schools, no […]