MMD National Treasurer Defects To PF For ‘Greener Pasture’

Opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) National Treasurer Goodward Mulubwa has with immediate effect resigned for his party and joined the ruling Patriotic Front. Mr. Mulubwa, who is also proprietor of Chat Milling and losing MMD aspiring candidate for Roan Constituency in Luanshya, was until his defection, MMD national treasurer. Speaking at a media briefing […]

Sata Nominates More MPs Than He Is Allowed

Republican President Michael Chilufya Sata has nominated more MPs than he is allowed by the constitution, Tumfweko understands. The current Zambian constitution allows the president to nominate at most 8 MPs at any given time but Sata has appointed 10. The relevant part of the constitution says ‘the President may, at any time after a […]


Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy-MMD Lusaka Province Youth Secretary James Lukuku has called for quick reorganization of the party to avoid any power vacuum. Mr. Lukuku also reveals that he is interested in contesting the party’s presidency. He notes that the party needs to come together so as to give the ruling Patriotic Front-PF checks […]

FODEP : PF Government Should Enshrine Date Of Elections In The Constitution

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says the new Patriotic Front government should ensure that the date of elections is enshrined in the constitution. FODEP president Alex N’goma has noted that having a fixed date for elections in the constitution will help the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to plan effectively for the elections. Dr. N’goma […]

Opposition MMD Ready To Work With Ruling PF

The Opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) says it is happy with the smooth transition of power following Tuesday’s tripartite elections held on 20th September which saw Patriotic Front’s (PF) leader Michael Sata merge victorious. MMD national secretary Richard Kachingwe has also described the electoral process as credible saying it is good that the will […]

Go Vote Early: Follow Instructions From PF Command Centre, Sata Tells Supporters

The Patriotic Front (PF) claims the government agencies including the Electoral Commission of Zambia are working in collusion with the MMD to rig elections on Tuesday urging people to go out to vote early, remain at polling booths and wait for instructions from Patriotic Front command centres on how to deal with any attempts to […]

Sata Warns Rupiah, VJ Against Reckless Provocation

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) strongman and Presidential contender, Michael Sata has warned Rupiah Banda and Vernon Mwaanga that they will bear the consequences of the provocation they are displaying in the face of an angry and hungry population. On a special Qfm radio interview on Saturday night, Mr Sata said the figures Vernon Mwaanga was […]

RB Disappoints NGOCC Over Nkomeshya Dethronement

The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says it is disappointed and saddened with President Rupiah Banda’s recent threats to de-throne Chieftainess Nkomeshya. NGOCC Board Chairperson Beatrice Grillo in a statement released to Qfm today, says the threats were indeed uncalled for and to a large extent detrimental in promoting the democratic dispensation of the […]

Sata Is Winning, Says Mulongoti

Sata Is Winning, Says Mulongoti

Former Works and Supply minister Mike Mulongoti has maintained that Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata will win next week%u2019s Presidential elections regardless of the recent opinion polls that have favored MMD%u2019s Rupiah Banda. Speaking in an interview, Mr. Mulongoti has observed that there is a huge disconnection between the leadership of the ruling MMD and […]