Lubinda Says ‘MMD Was Irresponsible’

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has charged that the previous MMD regime had an irresponsible land administration system. Mr. Lubinda who is also foreign affairs minister says all the land problems that are currently being faced in the country are as a result of the weaknesses in the MMD government. He says the MMD […]

Mulongoti Says ‘MMD Is In A Crisis’

Former works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti has charged that the MMD is in a crisis. Mr. Mulongoti says that the MMD’s failure to raise funds for the MMD convention is a clear indication that there are in a crisis. He says that the MMD should ensure that there find other means of raising money […]

HH Says SATA Should Apologise To The People Of W/Province For Betraying Them

HH Says SATA Should Apologise To The People Of W/Province For Betraying Them

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema says the Patriotic Front Government should take responsibility of the turn of events in Western Province were seven districts have resolved to breakaway from the rest of Zambia. Mr. Hichilema says there is clearly no doubt that there is a problem in the province which he […]

Fitch’s Comment Shocks Sakeni

HOME affairs minister Kennedy Sakeni says he is shocked that Fitch Ratings can comment on a matter that is active in the courts of law. Reacting to the organisation’s observation that the possible deregistration of the opposition MMD could increase its concerns over the Zambian government’s policy direction and governance quality, Sakeni said not even […]

RB Urges “Noisy” Kalumba to Shut Up

RB Urges “Noisy” Kalumba to Shut Up

Past immediate MMD president and former republican president, Rupiah Banda castigated former party national secretary Katele Kalumba advising him to shut up. Responding to Dr. Kalumba’s insinuations that the de-registration of the MMD is as a result of the three successive party presidents of having interfered in the submission of returns to the Registrar of […]

MANGANI Says “MMD Should Remove ‘Corrupt’ Tag If To Be Formidable”

Former MMD Chipata central Member of Parliament Lameck Mangani says that the MMD should remove the corruption tag if they want to be a formidable party in the country. Mr. Mangani says that the MMD has been associated with corruption which has contributed to it becoming unpopular. Mr. Mangani explains to QFM radio that it […]

UPND Challenges SATA

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has challenged President Michael Sata to provide evidence that the opposition political party is being led by a thief. UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe has told QFM News that it has become a trend for President Sata to raise unsubstantiated accusations against his political opponents. He wonders why […]

‘Put Interest Of Zambians First, Government Urged’

The council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has appealed to the government to exercise maximum wisdom in dealing with issues surrounding the alleged fraudulent privatization of parastatal companies. In a pastoral letter read out in Lusaka today by CCZ president Reverend Moses Mwale, the church mother body is calling on government to ensure that the […]

KUNDA Says ‘ZAMBIA Is Now A FULL Police State Under SATA’

KUNDA Says ‘ZAMBIA Is Now A FULL Police State Under SATA’

ZAMBIA has been literally turned into a police state as demonstrated by the Patriotic Front (PF) government, says Former Vice President George Kunda. Mr. Kunda said the PF regime was autocratic, totalitarian and undemocratic inclined to wipe out the opposition and set a one- party state. And Mr. Kunda has threatened to take the continued […]