UPND Tells Off PF Government “STOP Alarming The Nation With Your BASELESS Accusations”

UPND Tells Off PF Government “STOP Alarming The Nation With Your BASELESS Accusations”

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has advised the ruling Patriotic Front government to desist from alarming the nation on national issues. UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says government should come out in the open with valid evidence that the MMD printed illegal notes in China instead of causing unnecessary tension in the country. […]


Former  Republican Vice President George Kunda says the policies of the current PF government are unpredictable and can not be trusted. Mr Kunda who is also Chairman of  Legal Affairs in the opposition MMD has bragged that unlike the current administration, the policies of the Rupiah Banda regime were Predictable. He says unpredictability in policies […]

UPND Accuses SATA Of Trying To REDRAW Zambia’s MAP

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused President Michael Sata of attempting to redraw the map of the country in an effort to gain political advantage. UPND Chairman for elections Ackson Sejani says there is no way President Sata can decide to move Chirundu from Southern Province to Lusaka province without consultation from […]

UPND Starts SATA’s Impeachment Campaign

OPPOSITION UPND has launched the campaign to impeach President Michael Sata in the Eastern province. Douglas Syakalima made the launch in Msanzala during the Campaign for the MMD parliamentary candidate Peter Daka in the forthcoming by-election in the area, saying the party has made progress in ensuring that President Sata was impeached for the mutilation […]

MMD Denies Printing K3 Trillion Fake Money In CHINA

The opposition MMD has charged that commerce minister Bob Sichinga is lying that the party printed illegal notes amounting to 3 trillion kwacha prior to the elections. MMD deputy secretary Chembe Nyangu has told QFM that the allegations being made by the PF government that the MMD printed fake in China are unfounded because there […]

“PF Government Won’t Deliver If The CIVIL SERVICE Is NOT EFFICIENT”

“MANY things may become baggage, may become encumbrances, if we cling to them blindly and uncritically. Having made mistakes, we may feel that, come what may, we are saddled with them and so become dispirited. A good and efficient civil service is essential for the economic development of any country. Time and again, we have […]


Former UPND Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Elliot Kamondo has resigned from the opposition political party to join the Patriotic Front. Mr Kamondo, who was until his resignation UPND North Western Province Treasurer, says he has been inspired by President MICHAEL SATA’s good leadership. He announced his resignation inLUSAKAtoday. Mr Kamondo said he wants to join […]

NEVERS Mumba Warns SATA “There Will Be DISASTER In The Country If RB’s Immunity Is LIFTED”

MMD presidential hopeful Dr. Nevers Mumba has warned that the lifting of former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity will spell disaster. Dr. Mumba says calls to lift the former president’s immunity will dent Zambia’s image both locally and internationally. Dr. Mumba says he will not subscribe to stakeholders calling for the removal of the former president’s […]

PF Msanzala Campaign Rally FLOPS Because Of POOR Attendance

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) first campaign rally in Msanzala constituency which was scheduled to be held at Msanzala grounds on Wednesday afternoon failed to take off because of poor attendance. The Msanzala by elections will be held on February 16 and three political parties are contesting the seat left vacant after independent MP colonel […]

PF Loses ANOTHER Parliamentary PETITION

The PF has yet again lost another parliamentary election petition. This time around PF has lost the Kapiri Mposhi election petition which is the second judgment in a row. Ndola high court judge Mwinde Siavwapa has declared the election of MMD‘s Lawrence Zimba valid, dismissing with costs PF’s Eddie Christopher Musonda’s petition. Judge Siavwapa says […]