Levy’s son quits MMD, joins PF

MICHAEL Sata will definitely beat Rupiah Banda in this year’s elections, says Patrick Mwanawasa.

Patrick, the eldest son of the late president Levy Mwanawasa, on Friday defected from the MMD to PF and applied to stand as the opposition party’s parliamentary candidate in Kafulafuta Constituency in the forthcoming elections.

“Definitely Mr Sata is going to carry the day and will form government this year,” said Patrick in an interview after filing in his application to stand as a legislator.

Several jubilant PF officials welcomed Patrick to the party secretariat in Lusaka where he filed his application to run for parliamentary office.

“I have just lodged in my application to stand as member of parliament in
Kafulafuta Constituency and I am not scared of anybody who might contest on any ticket, be it the MMD or any other political party,” Patrick said.
He said the MMD had lost direction.

“I have decided to join the PF because I cannot understand the MMD vision anymore. I think people of Zambia are ready for change and that change can only be achieved through the Patriotic Front. That change that I am talking about is change that the Zambian people believe in and the change that the Patriotic Front understands,” Patrick said.

“Fair enough, you can see economic development happening, but there is no political development. The country needs to bolster its human capital, but this MMD government has failed to do that. The only party that can bring about that political change is Patriotic Front.”

In a short address to the PF officials who chanted praise songs for Sata and the late Mwanawasa, Patrick expressed optimism that the party and Sata would emerge victorious in this year’s elections.

Incumbent Kafulafuta member of parliament, George Mpombo has declared that he would not seek to re-contest his seat on the ruling MMD ticket. Kafulafuta is in Ndola district of the Copperbelt Province.

President Mwanawasa, who died in August 2008, had reconciled with Sata earlier that year.

Sata lost by only 35,000 votes to President Banda in the 2008 elections that were contested in court.

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