Five friends one shouldn’t have

1.Plushy Posh

This type of friend always looks great, drives expensive cars, has the most expensive phones and dresses like they own Louis Vuitton. He/she always makes you feel more inferior than you should be. Mike Posner knew exactly what I’m talking about when he sang “cooler than me”Hanging around such people brings down your self- esteem cause you just can’t get to their level ,beside no one looks great in Green. Envy really is a sin.

2. Negative Nate

This is the type of person that ALWAYS has bad things to say about people and situations “Hey Dude, I got an N8 today” “Well I hear the I-Phone’s better”.As a rule of thumb it would be great if you could stay away from all kinds of negative people. The energy they create is contagious.

3. Needy Freddy

This person is always a friend in need, never a friend indeed. If he phones you, he probably needs a phone number of someone else (He didn’t just call to ask how your uncle is coping in hospital). This friend will only Facebook you when they need a favor of some sort. We all know the type of friend that somehow always ONLY talks to you when they need to borrow some money. Others are ever talking to you about their relationship or family problems but never actually listen to yours;when the time comes when you need them, even for something as small as a handkerchief; They don’t have and they are never there for you. Such people are users. CUT THEM OFF!

4. Envious Emily

She wants everything that you’ve got or “balya ba neighbor” who shows up with a Toyota Harrier just a week after you bought yours. He paints his wall fence green because you recently painted yours. Remember, if they are envious of you,they COULD KILL YOU.

5. Hated Herald

Make no mistake, Newton was right when he said every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you hate someone, don’t pretend to be his friend. If you hate him, he probably hates you to. Deuces. Stop the fake smiles already.