3 Rapists To Be Hanged For Murder

THREE men of Lusaka’s Chazanga compound who raped and strangled to death a 17- year-old girl have been sentenced to death by the Lusaka High Court.
Supreme Court judge Gregory Phiri, who sat as High Court judge, sentenced the three after convicting them of
murder. It was alleged that Fredy Lungu, Shadreck Musonda and Aaron Kanyanga on an unknown date but between February 23 and 24, 2008 in Lusaka murdered Monica Katongo as she made her way home from a house of mourning. All three accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charge.
Passing judgment in the matter, judge Phiri said after carefully considering the evidence before him, he found that the prosecution, through the witnesses and documentary evidence, had established without doubt that Katongo was brutally murdered and most savagely attacked. He said the evidence clearly showed that the deceased was raped and strangled by the accused and that her body was later found next to the Presbyterian Church in
Zingalume compound.
Judge Phiri said the only witness to the murder was Katongo’s best friend, who was the last person who saw her alive when they both took different paths after attempting to escape from the three men.
He said according to that witness, the deceased rejected Lungu’s sexual advances and so she became a source of harassment.
Judge Phiri noted that none of the accused persons denied living within Chazanga compound and that he found the deceased’s best friend’s evidence to be truthful, consistent and satisfactory in every respect.
He found all three accused guilty of murder and convicted them as charged. JudgePhiri said the brutal murder was committed simply because the deceased did not want to flirt with Lungu or any of the accused.
“They decided to force themselves on her and murder her soon thereafter,” said judge Phiri.
“I do not see any extenuating
circumstances that may warrant
reduction of the ultimate
sentence. I therefore sentence
each one of you to death by
hanging by the neck until pronounced dead.”